Forward looking: Marbury leads the northern control war, and Zhou Qi, Lin Shuhao of Guangdong, leads each team to attack

 Forward looking: Marbury leads the northern control war, and Zhou Qi, Lin Shuhao of Guangdong, leads each team to attack

Guangzhou team and Guangzhou team last game, although the opponent has a single foreign aid, but the domestic lineup of Guangxia is obviously superior. However, Zhao Yanhao and Liu Zheng were in a general state. On the contrary, Guangzhou team kept a high hit rate, and Guangxia team was 13 points behind in the half-time. After that, although Hu Jinqiu and sun Minghui tried hard to catch the points, but the Guangzhou teams attack blossomed more and held the victory. In the end, Guangzhou lost 92-100.

Against Qingdao team, which is also the all China team, Guangxia team has an all-round advantage. It only needs to play its own normal attack rhythm and slightly limit the strong points of Qingdao, Zhang Chengyu and Liu Chuanxing. This victory should be captured by hand.

12: Sichuan vs Shenzhen, Dongguan

In the last match, Sichuan team faced Shandong team. Both sides were all Chinese teams, and Shandongs domestic lineup was obviously better than one. Drawing lessons from the previous defeat, Shandong successfully Limited Sichuans main scoring points in defense, and Tao Hanlin and Li Jingyus internal and external combination also frequently scored. Shandong team maintained the advantage throughout the game, while Sichuan team tried to chase points, but was powerless. In the end, Sichuan team lost 77-95 to Shandong team.

Shenzhen team and Fujian team today, the other side Wang Zhelin and Lawsons golden partner full fire, so that the Shenzhen team can not resist. Gu Quan and Shen Zijies personal attack, the first half can also help Shenzhen team bite the difference, Yi Bian was completely opened after the gap. Shenzhen team at the end of the most behind 20 points, garbage time to close the difference to save some face. In the end, Shenzhen lost 99-106 to Fujian.

Shenzhen teams domestic lineup is dominant in this match. When it plays normally, it will win steadily.

Shanghai led Beijing by 4 points in the first quarter of the last match against Beijing. However, Beijing, which can use double foreign aid in the second and third quarters, has the upper hand. Lin Shuhao and Youdu attack fiercely. After the third quarter, Shanghai has fallen 15 points behind. In the last quarter, the situation was firmly controlled by Beijing, and Shanghai lost 76-86 to Beijing.

Xinjiang team played against Bayi team at noon today. The Bayi team, which had been defeated all the way before, showed momentum, and 11 people from all over the country scored. In addition to the normal performance of Xinjiang team Zhou Qi cut down 21 + 15, other players are not in the state at all. The Bayi team maintained the leading momentum, and finally Xinjiang lost 76-83 to Bayi, breaking out the cold.

Shanghai team has a small foreign aid mccullam, domestic players also have a certain fighting capacity. Although Xinjiang is superior in strength, it still needs to give full play to defeat its opponents.

16: Jiangsu vs Fujian, Dongguan

Jiangsu team against Jilin team this afternoon, led by foreign aid hill, Jilin team opened fire outside the three-point line, once established a 13 point lead. In the last quarter, blackney and Wu Guanxi broke out to help Jiangsu catch up and surpass the score. Finally, Jiangsu team 105-102 narrowly defeated Jilin team.

Fujian team and Shenzhen team today, under the leadership of Wang Zhelin and Lawson, Fujian team established an advantage in the first quarter, gradually opened the gap in the second half, and once led to 20 points in the last quarter. When the game into garbage time, Shenzhen team to narrow the difference. In the end, Fujian won 106-99, Wang Zhelin scored 32 points, 15 rebounds, 4 blocked shots, Lawson also had 22 points, 15 assists and 6 steals.

At present, Jiangsu lags behind Fujian, which ranks No.12 in three games, and still has a chance to advance to the playoffs. Against Jilin, blackney scored 51 points, Wu Guanxi won 31 + 13, these two strong points will be compared with Fujians Wang Zhelin, Lawson combination, this is also a key game both sides can not lose.

19: 35, Beijing vs Guangzhou, Qingdao

Beijing team today against Zhejiang team, the performance of both sides on the field appears to be evenly matched, the whole game clenched the difference. In the fourth quarter, Wu Qianlian scored 14 points, and in the last 28.3 seconds, he made a three-point shot and leveled the score to 90. In the last 0.6 seconds, Lin Shuhao broke through the layup to make a foul, making Beijing 2 points ahead of the rest. Zhu Xuhang won Beijing 90-3.

In the last game of Guangzhou team and Zhejiang team, under the guidance of Zhu Xuhangs hot feeling, Zhejiang domestic players made full use of power, and the difference between the two sides was once widened to 16 points. Guangzhou young general Tian Yuheng attack to narrow the difference, Zheng Zhun and Hunts attack tied the score. After that, Guangzhou once turned against the super, but Cheng Shuai Peng and Wu Qian of Zhejiang took over the game at a critical moment, and Guangzhou lost 107-111 to Zhejiang.

Against the Guangzhou team with foreign aid hunt, Beijing team can use foreign aid for 4 periods and 6 person times. Although the book strength of Beijing is superior, but before Guangzhou even dominated Liaoning and Guangxia, its strength can not be underestimated.

20: Guangdong vs Beikong, Dongguan

The match against Beijing control is the first time that Guangdong has faced a double foreign aid team since the start of the second round. The opponent will use foreign aid in 4 sections and 6 person times to exert pressure on Guangdong team. In the domestic lineup of Beikong, Sun Yue, Wang Zirui, zongzan and Wang Shaojie have played well before. The Guangdong team, which has been sweeping the leaves all the way in autumn, will face the test for the first time.