Barcelona sold 21-year-old La Liga main force 10 million euro, no buy back clause

 Barcelona sold 21-year-old La Liga main force 10 million euro, no buy back clause

In the last season, kuurellia was loaned to eval by Barcelona, where he made 33 appearances and scored two goals. At Eval, cucurellia is defined as the left forward. Last summer, Eval bought out cucurellia for 2 million euros, and Barcelona quickly bought it back for 4 million euros, and then rented him to hertafi this season. In hertafi, kukulelia also played left forward under the 442 system. He scored one goal and assisted six times in 38 appearances. He is the absolute main force of hetafe.

There is a buy-out clause in the contract for the lease of khetafi, who has the right to buy out 60% of kukulelias ownership for 6 million euros. In March this year, hertafi announced that it would fulfill the buyout clause. But now Barca has suddenly announced that he has sold all of kuurellas ownership to hertafi, raising his selling price from 6 million euros to 10 million euros. Barcelonas move is likely to increase revenue in order to equalize this season.

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