Secret corner: Ill take you to see the heart

 Secret corner: Ill take you to see the heart

Presumably, many people still have not forgotten the news that the husband cheated his pregnant wife to Thailand and pushed him down the mountain. The result turned out to be that the man owes a lot of debt outside, and he needs to inherit his wifes property to pay the debt. Whats the difference between this and Zhang Dongshengs pushing his parents down the mountain in the secret corner?

After appreciating the film, some people commented that Zhang Dongsheng had no choice but to hate him In particular, the scenes of his helpless twists and turns make people feel a little intolerable. After killing, his heart is also condemned. He must be very afraid of father-in-law and mother-in-law turning into a ghost to settle accounts with himself?

However, the fierce ghost can not capture its rightness, and the sword cannot break its rigidity. As the French poet bouvallo said: fear of evil often leads to more evil.

[Peoples heart, dressed in sheeps clothing and wearing a mask, reality is hypocritical

What is the heart of the people?

Prodin said that if the mind itself is not beautiful, it can not see beauty.

The secret corner starts with a marriage that parents in law dont care about. Zhang Dongsheng, a middle-aged crisis man with dual barriers of career and emotion, meets his parents in law who despise or even hope that he will divorce his daughter early, and even his wife who despises him and even wants to divorce on the track. The parents in law wear the realistic coat of being good for their daughter, while Zhang Dongsheng hangs up With the hypocritical mask of only love your wife, one end wants to leave and the other does not leave. Peoples hearts gradually deviate from the original intention of loving each other, which eventually turns into a farce of killing people and stealing goods.

Real parents in law lose their lives because of reality.

False Zhang Dongsheng, marriage and face saved, poor love and human nature has long been lost, the rest, is living in hypocrisy and tangled in a heart.

The heart of an adult is from once evil to endless evil.

[the reason why people are more terrible than ghosts is that greed can always overcome kindness

When a heart is no longer beautiful, things in his eyes will become a mess.

Even children.

Three children once shot a scene of Zhang Dongsheng pushing his parents in law to fall off the cliff. For the sake of the little girl Pu Pu Pus younger brother, they opened their mouths and begged Zhang Dongtai for 300000. Although it was preparing the operation expenses for his brother, it was just greed that defeated kindness. After all, Zhu Chaoyang, who is already a middle school student, should understand that this is extortion, unjust enrichment, and has nothing to do with justice, It has nothing to do with love.

Although the director who doesnt want the film to be too dark arranged a perfect ending for the children, after Zhu Chaoyang took out the recorder from his fathers bag and still didnt tell the truth at the last moment, as adults, do we have the same feeling that after many years, this will be another Zhang Dongsheng?

All evils, at first, may be out of self-protection, but after doing evil, they have become ten demons.

Since the three children kept secrets for the 300000 Gang murderer Zhang Dongsheng, their hearts have lost their innocence and innocence, and they have grown up with hearts that have lost their beauty.

Childrens heart, is from a greed, to stop calculation.

[whats so terrible about ghosts? Ill take you to see peoples hearts

Everyone has a secret corner.

Once upon a time, there was a very popular post called give you 9 million, kill your best friend, do you want to do it? The reason why 9 million yuan is used to exchange for a life is that someone has calculated an account, which is enough for a person to live a life without worry.

However, there is an 18-year-old girl, for this test, really hurt her best friend.

Friendship or life, in the face of money, it is nothing.

Like Jiang Ge in 2016, she was killed to protect her best friend, who refused to testify after she was killed and was at large with the criminals.

Many people will be kind to denounce: do you really fear ghosts calling?

Whats terrible about ghosts? In this world, whats really terrible is peoples heart.

Peoples heart, can not be close to, close to you will find that everyone has a secret corner in their hearts, for the sake of face, to seize interests, irresistible temptation, is a little bit of the beginning of the good people.

Where the power is enough, the heart is dangerous.

Whats so terrible about ghosts? Ill take you to see peoples hearts.