And love married two people, when old will be what?

 And love married two people, when old will be what?

There is also a husband and wife friend.

In fact, it is not a peer, because the husband and wife of the father-in-law bought a small apartment in Nanao Island.

Basically, they are half a native of Nanao. In those two days, they ate the freshest seafood with the least money.

My uncle is more than 50 years old. He no longer does business. However, there are some shops that live a life of renting public every month.

My aunt is in her 40s. She is very fat. Interestingly, she is a yoga teacher. She has about ten classes a week,

Therefore, in addition to going back to Shantou in class every week, almost all the rest of the time is to take my little daughter, who is only 4 years old, to live on the island.

Yes, Im surprised. Their eldest daughter has already gone to college, but their youngest daughter, as old as my son, is only four years old.

My uncle told me that when he was young, he and his wife were husband and wife business. They started from scratch and worked hard for more than ten or twenty years to make the factory so big.

But if you want this harvest, you cant do without that pay. Before, the husband and wife worked day and night, and their bodies were all damaged.

At that time, because the conditions were not allowed, there was no second child.

So after the two people discussed, they did not hesitate to give birth to a second child when they were still willful when they were nearly 50 years old.

What I admire most is that in the past few years, the business was still very good.

But for the sake of her little daughter, she also figured out that money cant be earned..

He decided to sell the factory, and then took his little daughter to support the aged.

Although they have enrolled their little daughter in kindergarten, they are expected to go to school one day a week.

The rest of the time, a family of three, either travel around the world or go on holiday on Nanao Island.

Husband and wife can not only regulate the body, but also buy the freshest seafood for her little daughter, so as to lay a good foundation for her body.

Every evening, a family of three go for a walk on the beach, bubble seawater.

Others raise their daughters as white as possible,

They are good, the little daughter has been very dark, but they do not care, said that this is healthy.

I also asked my aunt, do you take your child with you every day and let her not go to kindergarten, not afraid that she cant keep up with other children in the future?

She said frankly,

What does a child want at this age?

Is not happy, happy, carefree? Why let her learn so much.

Therefore, whenever she wants to go to kindergarten, she will take the initiative to tell me.

She went to school because she had her own pursuit, not for the paper with a score of 80.

Now she is only 4 years old, but at this age, she can understand a lot of words and have her own memory.

So even time, take her around.

Wouldnt it be better to exercise her courage, cultivate her interests, improve her horizons, and give her a relaxed and happy childhood?

In those two days, it was true that this only 4-year-old child was not only independent, but also very independent and sensible.

My aunt said that every time she went to teach yoga class, her daughter would follow her.

But every time on the class time, usually particularly lively daughter sat on the side watching quietly, never come to disturb her.

When the aunt finished class, looking at her mothers sweating daughter, she would take the initiative to carry a glass of water and say to her, Mom, drink water, youre hard.

And every time I go out with my daughter to go shopping or travel.

She will not travel for nothing. She will tell her about the local customs and history every time I go to a place.

At the same time, every time they go out, they will not allow their daughters temperament. When they are tired, they will hold it, and when they are hungry, they will find food for the first time.

No matter how far the road, the child is all the way along, never holding her, because do not go, there will be no play.

Once, she was only 4 years old and said something more intelligent than adults.

The mountain road, not to mention her one child, even her uncle and aunt were walking with leg pain.

On the way back, she said to her aunt, Mom, Im tired from walking. I want to have a rest.

Then they sat on the stone platform for 10 minutes, and the adults didnt have enough rest,

She stood up first and said, Mom, lets go on. Anyway, we have to go. Go back early. Although Im tired, I can get to the hotel earlier and have a more comfortable rest.

After listening to the couples lifestyle.

It really refreshes my understanding of life and parenting.

But I think the biggest foundation of a familys happiness lies in the relationship between their husband and wife.

When we were young, we bumped into each other from scratch. We never complained about each other, but we held hands and encouraged each other.

Then, in the atmosphere of deep emotion and tacit understanding, everything between husband and wife has business and quantity, and reach a unified adjustment of life state.

Then know how to choose to live life into each others pursuit and also want the state.

I think this is the best way to get married with love and grow old together.