The life of an ancient child bride you dont know

 The life of an ancient child bride you dont know

In the old days, child brides were very popular in our country.

Therefore, the ancients were generally not very long-lived, in order to improve the population, speed up the birth of children. Some wealthy families will buy some girls to be their childrens brides to add fragrance to their families.

At that time, the government was also in favor of the existence of child bride-in-law, which could add labor force to the country after all.

Where does the child bride come from? Generally, girls from poor families are sold as child brides.

As we all know, in ancient times, boys were highly valued. Many poor families saw that their children were baby girls, so they either chose to throw them away or drown them. It was very cruel. Of course, more and more families will choose to sell their girls, subsidize their families or buy their sons a daughter-in-law with the money from selling their daughters.

Generally, the childs daughter-in-law is a wife outside, but she has to work in the field. At home, she is a maid, serving her husband. If she is not careful, she will be whipped by her mother-in-law.

In order to ensure the quality of the offspring, the general host will choose a good-looking, healthy girl as the sons future daughter-in-law. Therefore, sometimes there will be child brides older than their future husbands, and sometimes they have to take care of the little husband.

If you meet a better husbands family, although the days are hard, but at least you can eat and wear warm.

If it is unfortunate that the husband dies before he is an adult, they will start to prepare to be widows for life at a young age, and they will be beaten and insulted by all kinds of means to say that they are husband killers.

Under such oppression for a long time, the status of the childs daughter-in-law is the same as that of the maid. They dont even think that they are a member of the family. They even have to stand aside to serve their husband and mother-in-law when they eat.

If the husband thinks that he is old and old and wants to have a new love, they must accept it, even suffer the cold eye of the new lover, while the child adopted daughter-in-law must keep his husbands chastity all his life.

For them, there is no difference between them and the widows. Because of their identity, they have no right to resist.

There are also some child brides who are very miserable, like the ninth son in red sorghum, who married in the past for the sake of joy. This means that to marry in the past is to be a widow for all ones life.

Because the childs daughter-in-law married a person who was either sick or a stupid son of the landlords family, the life of a childs daughter-in-law in ancient times was very tragic.

After the spread of western culture to the East, the consciousness of womens rights is rising, the system of monogamy is adopted in society, and the marriage between individual will and love begins to prevail, and the traditional family ethics and morality disintegrate.

It is hoped that with the progress of the society, child bride-in-law, the deformed culture left over from feudal society, will disappear one day.

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