I unilaterally declare that it is the perfect fresh CP with chocolate and milk tea!

 I unilaterally declare that it is the perfect fresh CP with chocolate and milk tea!

Which one is delicious? Which one tastes good? Which one is cost-effective? Which one makes people cry out to be cheated and ask for a refund?

The real red and black list has been written here, open the shopping cart!

Oreo selection series Japanese Matcha chocolate flavor

9 yuan / box

I cant think of any more suitable words to describe him except regular industrial snacks.

The most important taste of mocha is that the mixed tea with mixed green tea and green tea is not too bad, but it is really tasty.

And the chocolate wrapped in the outer layer is a substitute for cocoa butter. People who cant accept it may feel tasteless.

Oriyou chocolate pie fresh Matcha flavor

10 yuan / box

Hu hugui-

It continues the usual characteristics of holly friends. It tastes between biscuits and cakes. It has a soft and thick marshmallow sandwich.

In the microwave oven on a circle, you can achieve the flow center effect on the packaging picture. The biscuit body is loose and sweet, the marshmallow sandwich is mixed with Matcha milk sauce, which melts in the mouth and becomes a high-grade dessert in one second.

A vegetable-

Chocolate Weihua is not bad in my eyes.

But it is very disappointed to eat, the outer layer of Matcha chocolate is not only no Matcha flavor, but also sweet and greasy. Fortunately, the taste of Weihua has saved a little, but the overall taste is not as good as crisp shark.

Out of the spirit of the experiment, I also bought a Japanese made Matcha, which tastes stronger than this one, but it is also slightly sweet on the whole.

Haoliyou marketo Brownie Matcha

15 yuan / box


Unfortunately, the calorie is relatively high, eat a few pieces will have satiety feeling.

A little pure Matcha

16 yuan / cup


If you want to live a good life, milk tea also needs some green.

The freshness of Matcha just offsets the softness of ice cream and adds a layer of q-bomb of Boba. Its very suitable for relieving summer heat.

Hershey cookies chocolate Japanese Matcha black bean flavor

9 yuan / bag

In the mouth, about 10 seconds left only a small cookie particles, hardliners with a little bitterness. I thought that there would be a surprise with the four flavors, but there was a lot of flavor, but there were only gimmicks left.

If you are running for Matcha, I am afraid you will be disappointed - the taste of Matcha is too weak, and the strong sweet of Baiqiao has taken the spotlight.

3 yuan / box

Pomelo may-

When you open the package, you can smell the faint smell of tea. Its not the tea powder wrapped in the outer skin, but the introverted sandwich.

Contain in the mouth, epidermis open, a bite down, rich taste of Matcha slip out, rich tea fragrance bloom in the mouth, love! How can it go with white chocolate!

Menglong Matcha ice cream

What amazes me is not only the beautiful packaging that can be used as decoration, but also the taste of the first bite.

Menglongs chocolate is solid and mellow, but I didnt expect Matcha to be so thick and delicate. Not floating on the surface of plastic Matcha fragrance, is very full of Matcha flavor.

But I dont know why, eating the bottom will be a bit blunt bitter. But the first bite is really worth the aftertaste, head iron of my selfishness gave a lot of good comments.

Starbucks Matcha xingbingle

Xiao Jiu-

The taste is surprisingly not very strong, is a light sweet Matcha flavor, so it goes well with cream. Its said that soy milk and cocoa chips will make you drink better. Im going to try it next time.

Oh, I really love Star bingle. (except for Yangzhi Ganlu)

Royce raw chocolate Matcha flavor


Ben Royces tap water comes uninvited!

Compared with the hard taste of traditional chocolate, Shengqiaos charm point is just put into the mouth to melt the light taste, too happy to make!

Whats missing is that the official Taobao stores price is more than twice as high as that in Japan. Its still quite painful to buy.

This is the end of Amways fresh and elegant Matcha.

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