Shulan, Jilin Province, was hit by wind and hail in 27 villages, and 10 hectares of corn was destroyed

 Shulan, Jilin Province, was hit by wind and hail in 27 villages, and 10 hectares of corn was destroyed

Photo of corn seedling after hail attack

On the 28th, it began to rain at about 7:00 p.m., and then began to hail for nearly five hours. According to the villagers surnamed Qu in Lianhua township of Shulan City, the sound of hail falling on the tiles of a bungalow can be seen in the morning under the eaves.

Shulan city is located in the north central part of Jilin Province, which is an important agricultural county-level city. My relatives and I have planted more than 10 hectares of corn. I went to check it at 5:00 in the morning and found that the harvest was exhausted. Villagers surnamed Qu said that hail destroyed corn leaves and corn stalks, rescue has been unable to achieve.

In May 7th, when novel coronavirus pneumonia was first diagnosed in Shulan, local farmers grabbed the spring ploughing window and finished farming in late 5. At present, the corn seedlings in dry fields have grown from 10 to 20 centimeters.

At 8:00 on June 30, Jilin Municipal Government Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters released relevant information, saying that as of 8:00 on June 30, three local reservoirs had exceeded the flood limit water level, including Shulan Liangjiashan reservoir (large-scale II) exceeding 1.54 million cubic meters, Shulan Taiping reservoir (medium-sized) exceeding 770000 cubic meters, and Shulan Nanlian reservoir exceeding 471700 cubic meters. At present, the relevant reservoirs are running reasonably, and other reservoirs are operating below the flood control level.

After the disaster, the main person in charge of Shulan city went to the front line of the disaster to investigate the situation. Local requirements to minimize the adverse effects of natural disasters on peoples production and life.

At present, the local affected villages and towns have organized cadres to carry out investigation and statistics by village group and plot by plot to verify the hail disaster losses. The local government requires timely communication and cooperation with insurance companies, and strive to hand over the insurance compensation to the affected farmers as soon as possible to prevent secondary disasters.

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