The first live broadcast with goods specification implemented in July

 The first live broadcast with goods specification implemented in July

Dont swipe orders or stir fry letters

The marketing data provided by the anchor to the merchants and the network live marketing platform shall be true, and shall not falsify the data such as the flow in any form, and shall not cheat the merchants commission by means of false purchase and subsequent return.

Before that, there were many cases of merchants being trapped. According to media reports, a business spent 250000 yuan to find a live pit. During the live broadcast, there were a lot of online people, but it ended up with a dismal sale of 50 orders, and there was a partial refund the next day.

On the 29th, the Chinese Consumer Association also pointed out that in this years 618 e-commerce shopping festival, there was a product quality problem in the live with goods industry, and the platform anchor peddled three noes products and fake and shoddy products to netizens; the live broadcast of fan data and sales volume of fake kill young situations.

The Chinese Consumer Association also named Luo Yonghao and Gome. Through price comparison, it was found that Luo Yonghaos team sold a recording pen of 2448 yuan in the live broadcast, which was only 2398 yuan in other e-commerce platforms; Gome did not deliver the goods with the products, and finally gave a refund directly.

No false publicity and illegal use of extreme words are allowed

According to the Circular of the Chinese Consumer Association, during the 618 period this year, some anchors, especially star anchors, were suspected of illegal publicity problems such as promoting product efficacy or using extreme words in the process of live delivery.

It is worth noting that the code also points out that commercial advertisements published in live network marketing should strictly abide by the provisions of the advertising law of the peoples Republic of China.

Reporter observation found that at present, many live advertising pages with goods or short videos do not mark the word advertising. At first glance, its content, but actually its propaganda. The head portrait also shows live broadcast. If you click in, you will be carrying goods live. Moreover, the content of short video is basically consistent with that of live broadcast.

Chart: the anchor is eating. Photo source: Taobao live

All three parties are responsible for protecting the rights and interests of consumers

It turns out that many consumers will fall into the three regardless zone after buying the goods in the live broadcast. The anchor, the live broadcast platform and the merchants play ball with each other. How to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the after-sales aspect.

According to the code, businesses should protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers according to law, actively fulfill their commitments, and provide after-sales services such as goods return and replacement guarantee according to law. The commitment made by the host in the live broadcast activities should be in line with the agreement with the business to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

According to a survey report recently released by the Beijing Consumer Association, 49.12% of respondents believe that platforms, anchors and businesses should be responsible for the live delivery of goods, and each should bear corresponding responsibilities. However, in reality, due to the difficulty of complaint, a small number of consumers admit themselves to be unlucky when their legitimate rights and interests are damaged.


u2014u2014There may be three live delivery specifications in July

According to the China Advertising Association, the code of conduct for online live marketing activities is strongly supported by relevant units of the State Administration of market supervision and the China Consumer Association, and will come into force on July 1, 2020.

Due to the lag of supervision, there is no threshold for the industry, and the quality of the anchor is uneven, which results in the flooding of the network with three vulgar contents, the popularity of false exaggeration, the proliferation of fake three non products, and the difficulty in ensuring after-sales service. Han Liangchen, vice president of the media purchasing Committee of the China Federation of Commerce and industry, said that with the implementation of the standards, there will be rules and evidence to follow in the future. (end)

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