Huawei releases HMS core 5.0: six new services

 Huawei releases HMS core 5.0: six new services

- push service: support lbs (location-based service) and situational push;

- optimize some service experiences.

HMS, also known as Huawei mobile services, is Huaweis own service framework to replace Google GMS services. Hmscore is a combination of Huaweis terminal cloud service and mobile service opening capabilities. It is a platform that provides basic services for application development. Hmscore can help developers develop rapidly, grow rapidly, realize flexible realization, and realize intelligent distribution of one point access and global whole scene whole terminal.

It integrates Huaweis core end cloud capabilities, including a set of open hmsapps, hmschore, hmschapabilities, hmsconnect, and corresponding ide tools for development and testing.

At the beginning of this year, Huawei launched hmscore 4.0, adding a large number of new functions, including Huawei account, payment, analysis, cloud space and game services that have been in operation for many years, advertising and positioning services that have been online for four months, as well as a large number of new capabilities that developers have been looking forward to, including machine learning service, situational awareness service, unified code scanning service and short-distance communication service , panoramic service, security detection service, dynamic tag manager service, online fast authentication service, location service, fast application service, digital copyright service, sports health service, user identity service, etc., many of which also support the integration of Huawei core-end-cloud capabilities.

Main highlights of hmscore:

1. Global distribution: more than 170 countries and regions, covering 600 million users.

2. Cost saving: free start, easy to use, one-stop service experience from development to online.

3. Safe and reliable: follow GAPP, gdpr and local regulations.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Wu Bo_ NT3514