How can the villain who is vicious in gambling and has 21 guns in his body become the totem and magneto King prototype of NBA stars?

 How can the villain who is vicious in gambling and has 21 guns in his body become the totem and magneto King prototype of NBA stars?

Malcolm Broughton

As for Malcolm Broughton, who took part in the protest with Jay brown in Atlanta, its just the same name as malcolm-x. Brogtons grandfather once participated in the March organized by Dr. King when he was young. He got the name naturally to commemorate malcolm-x, who was active in the same era as Martin Luther King.

Malcolm and magneto King

At first glance, this strange name may be strange to the onlookers on the other side of the ocean. But in fact, the culture he represents has been influencing the world imperceptibly. It is not only Broughton who is named in memory of him, but also the X in the popular cartoon X-Men - although in the cartoon, the symbol of malcolm-x is not Professor X, but one of the most classic villains, magneto king.

Compared with Professor X (who is more like Martin Luther King) who advocates gentleness and seeking common ground while reserving differences, King wanci wants to fight to the end and lead the mutants to become the new masters of the world. The most famous theory about malcolm-x is the so-called black supremacy.

From ignorance to spiritual leader

Malcolm as a child

In Michigan, the white supremacy group, the Black Legion, had their eyes on them. In 1931, his father was killed, believed to be a member of the white supremacy, but the authorities decided it was an accident that none of them received a pension. Later, Malcolm and his brothers and sisters had to be sent to foster homes after his mother was put into a mental hospital with mental problems.

Malcolms parents

He did well in junior high school, but dropped out before finishing high school, because the white teacher told him that his dream of learning law is not the goal of a nigger..

Malcolm in jail

As an adult, Malcolm came to live in New York, where he was involved in all kinds of gambling (Malcolm had publicly stated that he had committed all kinds of crimes, including drug abuse, gambling, theft and pimping, etc.), and finally in 1946, he was arrested and jailed for stealing. In prison, he came into contact with the Islamic nation, a religious organization founded by black Americans, who advocated black supremacy and racism in essence, so there was a lot of controversy.

The preaching content of the Islamic nation includes all white people are devil incarnations, which seems simple and crude, but it has great effect on Malcolm at that time, because when he looks back on his not long life, all his encounters with white people are full of hypocrisy, injustice, greed and hatred, white people are devil for his personal experience, it is able to Thats enough.

This belief made him give up the road of crime completely, but he attracted more attention. In 1950, the FBI formally filed a case against him, because he sent a letter to President Truman expressing his opposition to the Korean War, in which he declared himself a communist.

At that time, McCarthyism prevailed in the United States, the social atmosphere was tense, and the suspected Communist Party was vulnerable to persecution, let alone Malcolm, who was a suspicious person.

At that time, he had given up his original surname little, only X. Because, like countless black people, he didnt know who his ancestors were. The so-called surname was only given by the former white slave owners.

Malcolm is good at speech. His tall figure and outstanding appearance make him very attractive.

Malcolm took people to the police station to protest and demand the release of the four black people arrested. As a result, their protest quickly gathered hundreds of people, and the police finally compromised to call an ambulance for Johnson.

When Johnson returned to the scene of the protest after treatment, hundreds of people had become thousands, and Malcolm echoed.

At that time, a frightened police officer told the New York media: a person should not have such great power.

He didnt mention race, but everyone understood his subtext.

Malcolm and Castro

In 1960, Malcolm was invited to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where he did another controversial thing: talk openly with Castro, who also invited him to visit Cuba.

Malcolms actions are all disturbing to the white society. Even civil rights organizations such as the National Association for the promotion of black people no longer support him and regard his doctrines as heresy.

In September 1963, Wan ciwang appeared in the cartoon of X-Men for the first time. In the second world, his pride, arrogance and strength caused numerous varieties of people to follow and worship him. In the same year when Martin Luther King made his march to Washington, Malcolm also called it farting to Washington (in the last two years of his life, under the pressure of the Islamic nation, Malcolms position softened and transcended the ethnic world Limit, no longer blindly hate white people, and with Martin Luther King to reconcile, become the mainstream of the hero of the struggle).

He said he didnt understand why so many black people were excited about the white organized demonstration in front of the statue of the late centenary president, who didnt like us in his lifetime.

Malcolm and Ali

Ali met Malcolm at the age of 20 and regarded him as a spiritual mentor. Considering his career development, Ali did not dare to join the organization of the Islamic nation publicly until he defeated Sonny Liston. He dared to announce that the result was really denounced by numerous well-known civil rights leaders, including Dr. King himself.

Elijah Muhammad, founder of Islamic nation

But Alis friendship with ALCOM did not last long. At that time, the internal contradictions of Black Muslims had gradually sharpened, and Malcolm had been pushed out of the Islamic nation because of too much expansion. In particular, he revealed that Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the organization regarded as a legend, had illegitimate children (improper relations with many young women) and was not devout, leading to serious retaliation.

Malcolm withdrew from the organization, but Ali was not with him. Malcolm saw it as a betrayal, a complete exchange of evil. The last time the two met, Malcolm also called Ali brother, but Ali ignored him.

Malcolms remains

In February 1965, Malcolm was finally murdered after a long death threat. He knew that the Islamic national organization had been planning for a long time (many times in distress, the house had been burned), but he failed to escape. He was shot in a speech in Manhattan, with 21 wounds on his chest.


Later, the slaughter between Black Muslims continued. In 1973, Elijah Muhammad instigated believers to attack the whole family of Hamas Abdul karis, the Sunni Muslim leader, who had a deep influence on Malcolm. All the young and the old were brutally killed. The site of the house was in Washington. The house the karis lived in was purchased for them by Jabbar Tiangou.

After the massacre, Jabbar was afraid and finally left these extremist religious organizations.

Many years later, Ali also expressed regret in his autobiography. He said, betraying Malcolm is one of the most regretful mistakes in my life.

How far is reality from Malcolms ideal?

Twenty seven years after Malcolms death, Malcolm Broughton was born.

Broadton is one of the few on the top floor. His parents adored Malcolm and Dr. King, both of whom were senior intellectuals, and Broughton grew up in extremely superior conditions.

In order to let the children experience life, the parents of Broughton painstakingly moved away from the rich middle-class community and into the inner city when living in Atlanta, so that the children could see the life of the poor.

But economic conditions did not become a barrier between them and their surroundings. As a child, Broughton made many good friends. My mother thought it was no problem for us to learn how to get along with all kinds of people. Ive learned that even drug addicts can be good people, they just stumble for a while, he said

When he was very young, his parents took him to Africa to learn about the poor life of the local people, which touched him a lot. He received his masters degree in public policy from the University of Virginia on the need for clean water in rural South Africa.

After entering the NBA, he founded hoop2o, a charity dedicated to helping the poor in Africa. In October last year, he launched a campaign in Tanzania with several players to help people get clean water. By January this year, he had raised $125000 and opened two local wells, benefiting 11000 people.

He was nicknamed President when he played for bucks, and his teammates and media were convinced by his knowledge and cultivation.

When he was 24 years old, he joined the draft and received little attention. He also felt quite humorous that he might encounter academic discrimination, because in the sports world, peoples stereotyped thinking about black players seems to be simple mind and developed limbs. What can a school bully do without much physical advantages?

A lot of teams ask me if Im really sure I want to play in the NBA. Why dont I go into politics? Its like a black man cant be an athlete while hes educated. He said.

To some extent, the life of Broughton is the opposite of racism. When a black person can get a responsible education (whether from family or society), he can grow into a respectable and beneficial person.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm

Maybe todays Broughton can get closer. After all, he had a dream. I never wanted to drive the best car or be famous for making a lot of money. My dream is to live comfortably enough, to travel, to help others, to see different cultures, to know different people and to have a good family, he said. Thats all I want. So what will he do in ten years? Malcolm-x once said, a business good for black people is good for everyone. Im looking for something that can affect peoples lives, such as staying in a non-profit organization, whether its providing clean water or eradicating poverty, says Mr. Broughton. I love Africa and I will continue to use my resources to help others. Extended reading withdrawal + 1! Ariza will not take part in the Orlando rematch and will take care of 12-year-old son Raptor half a month in advance to arrive at the rematch site, because all players need to be isolated in Toronto. Company commander to return! Corey brewer joined Kings team to help the playoffs this source: Netease sports Author: Kewell editor in charge: Yang Jiankun_ NS4215

Maybe todays Broughton can get closer. After all, he had a dream. I never wanted to drive the best car or be famous for making a lot of money. My dream is to live comfortably enough, to travel, to help others, to see different cultures, to know different people and to have a good family, he said. Thats all I want.

So what will he do in ten years?

Malcolm-x once said, a business good for black people is good for everyone.