Nearly 70 year old man spent 5.76 million on beauty to ruin his wife

 Nearly 70 year old man spent 5.76 million on beauty to ruin his wife

Go to a spa club of beauty salon

And a famous medical beauty institution

5.76 million in total!

The other side claims to be able to treat

Prostate, asthma

Whats going on?

Ms. and Mrs. Han are both nearly 70 years old

Retired, daughter settled abroad

End of 2019

And this time

Those big money transfers and consumption

Its almost at this time

Was filled into the membership card by Mr. Cheng

Then Mr Cheng


Mr. Cheng is in a beauty salon

A card charged with 1000 yuan

Im going upstairs for a massage

October 9, 2019

Mr. Cheng goes to the beauty salon alone

After getting to know the stores senior manager Sun

Wave the card in two months

2.42 million yuan

Mr. Chengs extravagant energy

Alarmed another manager on behalf of

Acting manager is a beautiful woman in her 30s

She said she wanted to complete the performance

He designed various projects for Mr. Cheng

Let Mr. Cheng go every day

Under the pressure of acting manager and other little girls, Mr. Cheng once again waved his hand and charged 740000 yuan.


Mr. Cheng totally recharged RMB 3.16 million to the other party

What project did you do

Can there be such amazing consumption?

Mr. Cheng said that he had asthma. In the name of treating Mr. Cheng, the senior manager Sun surnamed designed a private customization project for him. He invited doctor an and doctor Gao outside the store to treat Mr. Cheng. Doctor an offered 1.33 million yuan and doctor Gao 666000 yuan.

The sun executive also said:

My mothers asthma is the two good ones

Mr. Cheng said that he also felt

These two doctors have the level!

Mr. Cheng: after the doctor gave me a pulse, he said that my prostate and legs were not good. I heard that the doctor was a little good, and I trusted her more.

When the reporter asked Mr. Cheng

How do the two doctors treat the prostate

I cant even say it

From morning till night, I went to the store and bought 1000 pieces of mask.

in addition

Mr Cheng did it

Cardiopulmonary project

Apple stem cell project

Go to the store every day

Mr. Cheng will enjoy more luxury treatment

From 9:30 a.m. to 6:7 p.m

All in the shop

During the whole process of massage treatment, the salesmen did not forget to sell all kinds of skin care products to Mr. Cheng.

When Ms. Han returned from Sanya and saw her husband bought 200 boxes of 1000 medical facial mask, he found Mr. Chengs consumption relationship.

Miss Han said, the old man who is almost 70 years old, he gave him a pouch, and he told me 1000 mask to stick slowly!

174 fire dragon Moxibustion in 87 days and almost no Moxibustion

What makes MS Han more angry is

Fire dragon moxibustion and recuperation for husband in the shop

Moxibustion him to extreme weakness

174 times in 87 days

Even the doctors in the regular acupuncture hospital said:

You see how your husband was tortured

Looking at this huge bill and her husbands illness, Ms. Han was angry and worried.

On June 8 this year, Ms. Han and her husband, Mr. Cheng, decided to return all the remaining funds.

As for the other 920000 yuan, it has been distributed to shareholders and employees, and will not be returned. The disputed amount cannot be noted in the agreement. The Cheng family cant accept this.

Local regulatory involvement

Subsequently, the reporter accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Cheng to the Jiading District Market Supervision Bureau to reflect the matter, and the staff said they would contact the local market supervision office.

Mr. Cheng reported the incident to Jiading District Health and Health Committee, and the staff rushed to the scene quickly. However, because there are customers on the third floor of the store experiencing the project, the law enforcement personnel only inspected the first floor and the second floor, and said: there is no sign of practicing medicine, and there is no relevant medicine and equipment.

In addition, the reporter contacted the senior sun surnamed executive Mr. Cheng said, Dr. an and Dr. Gao are not doctors, but teachers.

When the reporter mentioned why some of the projects specially customized for Mr. Cheng were as high as 13000 yuan without a specific name, the other side could not answer.

Related news: the old man went to the beauty salon for treatment of low back pain, but his condition worsened, so the court ruled

According to the report of China consumer daily on November 26, 2018, Ms. Jiang, a consumer in Dalian, Liaoning Province, suffered from lumbago and leg pain all year round. After nursing in shangzun beauty salon, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, she had to be hospitalized because of her difficulty in walking.

As the two sides failed to reach an agreement on the refund amount, Ms. Jiang sued the beauty salon to the court. The peoples Court of Zhongshan District of Dalian city ruled that shangzun beauty salon refunded more than 18000 yuan to Ms. Jiang.

On November 10, 2017, Ms. Jiang was pulled by a young man at the gate of a commercial building in Zhongshan District, Dalian city. She said that seeing the old peoples legs and feet was not very good, so she could go to their health care hall for treatment. The young man took Ms. Jiang to a nearby place called shangzun beauty salon, Zhongshan District, Dalian city. The beauty salon staff said to Ms. Jiang, in our hospital, all the diseases that cannot be cured in the hospital can be cured, and those who used to sit in wheelchairs can walk now. Ms. Jiang is eager to cure her illness. She applied for a white diamond beauty card that day. In less than a month, she has paid five payments to the beauty salon, totaling 22000 yuan, respectively for leg maintenance, waist maintenance, collagen egg, pistil energy, facial water supplement, kidney strengthening and RMB cultivation.

Ms. Jiangs original waist discomfort, after several services in the beauty salon, the symptoms did not improve, but became more and more serious, the pain was unbearable, and even walking was difficult. The family rushed to take Ms. Jiang to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her not to massage any more and to stay in bed.

Ms. Jiang went to the beauty salon to ask for a refund. Because the two sides could not reach a consensus on the refund, Ms. Jiang sued the beauty salon to the peoples Court of Zhongshan District, Dalian city.

In October 2018, the first trial of the peoples Court of Zhongshan District in Dalian ruled that shangzun beauty salon returned more than 18000 yuan to Ms. Jiang for beauty care.

watch out! Dont do any more of these tricky beauty projects

Everyone has a heart for beauty. In recent years, various beauty salons have sprung up. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, by the end of 2017, the number of beauty enterprises was 137000, and the operating revenue reached 168.7 billion yuan.

But each beauty salon has launched various kinds of maintenance projects for economic benefits. Originally, beauty maintenance is a good thing. In order to make money, some bad businesses use some projects that look tall to deceive you, not only to cheat money, but also to make you unable to achieve the effect of beauty, and even to hurt your body.

Project 1: ovarian maintenance

Many beauty salons will publicize the benefits of ovarian maintenance: healthy eggs, anti-aging, regulating dysmenorrhea, good sleep, enhancing sexual interest Seeing so many effects, everyone will be excited.

However, in fact, ovarian maintenance is not only useless, but also implies risks.

These beauty massagers are really just rubbing your tummy. If you really touch it, it means that there may be something wrong with the ovaries. Random rubbing not only cant maintain it, but also may cause an accident.

Project 2: breast health care

Breast care or breast massage is also one of the hot projects in many beauty salons. Many beauty salons claim that breast massage can treat breast hyperplasia, breast fibroadenoma and other diseases, as well as breast augmentation programs.

It sounds good, but in fact, breast massage cant cure the disease, but it may get worse and worse.

Expert: it will happen if you press your breasts. Mammary gland hyperplasia is mainly related to the change of hormone level in menstrual cycle. In clinic, 95% of mammary gland lobule hyperplasia will not be cancerous, and it will be gradually improved after menopause, so it does not need so-called massage maintenance. If its just useless, its OK, but if you press your delicate breast, it will happen.

Project 3: detoxification and health preservation

Detoxification and health preservation is also the highlight of many beauty salons, from kidney detoxification, liver detoxification to large intestine detoxification, fire therapy, spa, sweat steaming It can be said that there are many patterns.

Expert: in fact, the human body does not need so-called detoxification. First of all, the human body is not poisonous. Sweating, defecating It is a normal metabolic process. Some metabolic wastes will be discharged, but it has nothing to do with detoxification.

Project 4: Golden Skin

Chinese like gold, and it is said that gold has various skin care functions. So beauty salons also have luxury gold beauty projects. They claim to be anti inflammatory, brightening complexion, detoxifying, anti aging, whitening...

Expert: basically no effect. In fact, the gold on your face is edible gold foil. Its thickness is about 0.08mm. The chemical property of gold itself is very stable, so there wont be too many sensitization problems on your face.

But just because it cant be absorbed by the skin, it wont improve the skin at all. Just like you put a mask on your face, you expect it to bring anti-aging and whitening effect, thats really a lot of thinking.

The legendary golden glow

Project 5: lymphatic detoxification

If there is something wrong with the lymph, the immune system of the human body will also be threatened, so this skin care course of lymphatic detoxification is also a regular visitor of beauty salons. They claim to be able to detoxify, stimulate microcirculation, enhance immunity, relieve pressure

Expert: these effects are all imagined. Its true that there are various problems when lymph nodes are invaded by virus, but its not possible to get rid of the virus by massaging lymph nodes. Skin care products are more unlikely to penetrate into lymph nodes from the skin to kill bacteria and viruses.

Project 6: injecting oxygen to beautify skin

Expert: the so-called oxygenation here is just a gimmick of the brand. The so-called oxygen also exists in the form of water, because skin care companies believe that hydrogen oxide is also a form of oxygen.

By injecting animal and plant stem cells into the skin, the skin cells can regenerate and repair.

It can resist aging, wrinkle resistance, pulling and compactness.

Expert: under the control of current cosmetics laws and regulations, whoever claims to have stem cell living cells is in violation of cosmetics laws.

First of all, we should make it clear that the ingredients added to skin care products must be dead, that is to say, they have no life activities. Once the so-called stem cells die, they will not have the so-called skin care effect.

Second, even if there are living stem cells added to skin care products, do you want them to grow plant cells on your face or other cattle and sheep tissues after you apply them? These are all deceptive tricks.

Before that, some experts said that stem cell therapy and drinking urine therapy were not bad

Project 8: fast whitening

Chinese women are crazy about whitening, so they can do it at all costs. And there is no patience, so the so-called fast whitening projects and products appear.

Expert: such products are applied externally and taken internally, which have side effects.

In fact, what you take internally is whitening pill, but in fact, there are also huge security risks. Meibai pills generally contain carbamic acid, glutathione, cysteine, VC and other ingredients. However, carbamic acid, glutathione and cysteine have side effects, so they should be used carefully.

See through these routines

Be careful!

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