Blame you for being too beautiful

 Blame you for being too beautiful

In the updated plot, Mo Xiangwan originally wanted to help Lin Xiang to hold a birthday party. As a result, Lin Xiangs fans jointly denounced Mo Xiangwans three sins on the live broadcast of the birthday party and forced him to resign. Mo xianglate, who wanted to explain to everyone, was attacked by fans who smashed the cake, and the scene was in chaos. In order to protect Lin Xiang, Mo xiangevening decided to take all the responsibilities on his own, and publicly said that he would remove Lin Xiangs identity as a broker and Qilis position as director of brokerage. Qin LAN shows Mo Xiangwans strength from her bones. Even though she is almost overwhelmed by the public opinion, she still strongly supports all the will to face everything. After that, in order to balance the interests of all parties, the company also let Mo xianglate come out back to the pot. This move has poked many people in the workplace. Qin LAN has put his helpless interpretation in place in the workplace, making Mo xianglates role more close to our life.

The most impressive part of last nights plot is Qin Lans crying performance in the bathroom. After being smashed by fans, Mo xiangevening hid in the bathroom to tidy himself up. When he saw his embarrassed look in the mirror, Mo xiangevening couldnt help crying. Qin LAN did not choose the way to release the crying mood, but tried to suppress the restraint. This is in line with Mo xiangevenings personality u3002 As a person who has worked hard in the workplace for many years and experienced many setbacks, Mo Xiangwans psychology has already matured. Qin LAN has grasped this point of the role, and more correctly conveys the emotion that conforms to the characters experience. At the same time, Qin Lans extremely infectious crying drama also aroused hot discussion among netizens. Qiongyao once said, Qin LAN has a tear, a star in the sky. It shows that Qin LAN has a high attainments in the performance of crying drama.

At present, 2 episodes of blame you for being too beautiful are updated at iqiyi from Monday to Wednesday at 20:00 p.m. each week, and members are the first to watch 6 episodes. Mo xiangevening, after such a big blow, can you come back to the top of gold brokers career? Lets look forward to the next story.

Source: Hu Mengyao, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NK5655