Another Indian soldier died in the India Pakistan exchange of fire

 Another Indian soldier died in the India Pakistan exchange of fire

Overseas network, June 23 - India and Pakistan recently in Kashmir near the actual control line frequent fighting, local time 22, the fierce fighting between Indian and Pakistani forces killed another Indian soldier. Indian media said it was the fourth soldier killed by Indian forces since June.

According to the press trust of India and other Indian media reported on the 22nd, Indian and Pakistani forces exchanged fire and used mortar shells near the actual control line of Kashmir on the 22nd. Indian officials said Karki, a soldier guarding the outpost in front of the Indian army, was injured by shelling and died of his injuries.

According to Indian media, Karki is the fourth Indian soldier killed near the control line between India and Pakistan since June. On 4 and 10 June, two Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistan, and another Indian soldier died in a firefight on 14 June.

The Indian and Pakistani forces often clashed near the border control line. Pakistans military reported Monday that Indian forces, in violation of the ceasefire agreement, opened fire on the Pakistani controlled border in Kashmir late Tuesday, killing a 13-year-old girl and injuring her mother and brother. Pakistans foreign minister has repeatedly called on the Indian government to focus on solving its domestic problems, focusing on better serving the countrys poor, oppressed and ethnic minorities, rather than like an expansionist country causing border disputes. He also pointed out that if India is hostile to Pakistan, Pakistan will immediately respond appropriately and timely.

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