Cinnabar noodles! The most complete collection of blind tosses on the market, regardless of blood loss!

 Cinnabar noodles! The most complete collection of blind tosses on the market, regardless of blood loss!

Take out the notebook, the class is going to start again.

Spicy noodles

Raw materials:


2. Add a teaspoon of chopped green onion, coriander, chili noodles, white sesame, cumin, pepper and vinegar into the bowl, and mix well


The taste reminds people of the spicy noodles in the school cafeteria. Its most suitable for sweating and smoking in summer. Its sour, spicy and addictive.

The ingredients are simple and convenient. Kwai, hurry up and start the whole process.

Spicy pizza

Raw materials:

A bag of eggs, a flour sausage and cheese


3. Boil the oil in a pan, spread the mixed noodles into cakes and turn them over

4. Spread the sausage slices and cheese pieces, pour a circle of water around, cover the pot cover, and simmer for 5 minutes


Are you tired of noodle soup? Its a brand new version youve never experienced. Make a pizza out of the noodles.

The original soft and glutinous noodles become crispy and chewy. With cheese and ham embellishment, the plain noodles are upgraded instantlyu2014u2014

I suddenly feel that the pizza shop outside is just like this.

Raw materials:

A bag of rice cake, onion, carrot, cabbage, Korean hot sauce, Korean big sauce, Chinese cabbage, raw sugar

1. Shredded onion and carrot, shredded cabbage

2. Stir fry the hot oil, carrot and onion in the pan, then put in the cabbage slices, stir fry them, add two spoonfuls of raw sauce, stir fry until the cabbage is soft

4. Add hot cabbage, three spoons of Korean hot sauce, one spoonful of Korean sauce, one spoonful of sugar and one small bowl of clear water, stir well

After eating kimchi, I really feel like eating Korean food. Oh, I want to play in Korea.

Stir fried rice with noodles

Same as hamzy, South Korean food blogger of YouTube

Raw materials:


2. Heat the oil in the pan, cut in the scallion, put in two eggs and side dishes, stir and stir

3. Put in the pancakes and cooked rice, stir well

I didnt expect that onion could be so magical!

Hot fried noodle pot

A bag of rice cake, fish cake, egg, scallion, white sesame, Korean hot sauce, Korean spring sauce, sugar, chili powder, soy sauce

2. Add water to the pot, add 1 spoon of Korean hot sauce, 1 spoon of Korean spring sauce, 1 spoon of soy sauce and seasoning bag, and mix well

3. After the water is boiled, put in the pastry, rice cake and fish cake, add one spoon of sugar, half of chili powder, and add the scallion, and mix well

4. Put the boiled egg in half and sprinkle with white sesame

Spring sauce is used to make fried noodles. Originally, I thought it would be a dark dish with spicy noodles, but I didnt expect it to blend well. Its salty, spicy and has a sauce flavor.

A variety of sauces serve the thick soup thief. Its not too cool to hang it on the noodles.

Army pot

A bag of pickles, onions, scallions, Korean hot sauce, raw soy sauce, chili noodles, sugar and cheese


3. Heat the oil in a hot pot, stir fry the shredded onion and scallion, and then stir fry the pickles

4. Use favorite vegetables, meatballs, lunch meat and other common hotpot ingredients to lay the base

In addition to the soulful salami, the army pot of everything can be boiled can add all the ingredients you love.

Pickled seafood pot

Same payment for Korean drama pay the Avengers of cave

Raw materials:


2. Put in squid, add some cooking wine to remove fishiness, and continue to stir fry

3. Pour in the water, put in the kimchi, add in the seasoning bag and Korean chili sauce, put in the pasta, and cook for 2 minutes

4. Put in the clam, cook until the shell is almost open and put in the shrimp

5. Cook until the prawns turn red, put on the cheese, cook for 2 minutes


The seafood itself has a salty taste. After boiling, taste the saltiness, and then decide to add salt

Well, I guess your eyes must have learned.

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