Wanxi: this sister is so cool!

 Wanxi: this sister is so cool!

I love Wanxi.

Because I seldom hear this friend so blatantly express his love for a woman, I am curious to ask: what do you like about her?

My friend replied: comfortable, cool.

This evaluation has been heard more than once recently.

In the first broadcast, Huang Shengyi and Jinsha went straight to Wanxi and said, I love you so much..

Asked by the director who he would like to form a group with most, many elder sisters also said, Wanxi.

Founder Huang Xiaoming said Wanxi was his favorite actor.

Zhang Yuqi even joked when she was interviewed later. Later, she didnt plan to stay on the same stage with Wanxi, because when she was on the same stage, everyone focused on Wanxi, how can my people get to France?

In the circle of sisters who call the wind and call the rain, where is the magic of Wanxi? She won the position of group pet before she went on the stage?

Lets talk about this sister today.

Cool, is the most popular label for Vance.

First, appearance.

Many actresses in the entertainment circle have strong and colorful faces. Wanxis face is different from others. When she was mentioned quietly, she commented that the actor is different from others.

Wangguan, Wanxis University Alumni, remembers that the first time she saw her was at the elevator entrance downstairs. In summer, Wanxi was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of glasses. Its cool. I think this girl is so different.

Not only is her appearance cool, but also her personality.

In the first issue of sister riding the wind and waves, all the other sisters meet with each other in a variety of hot and cold noises. She is not. When introducing yourself, shake hands with the other party, and attach a sentence: Hello, Vance. Then there was no more words.

Wanxi: its all over.

Shen Mengchen then said, no, it was a TV play a long time ago What is it called Who did you play with Seeing that she couldnt speak for a while, Wanxi replied with three words: its OK.

After the first round of solo, Zhang Meng chose songs in groups and said, lets go to aribadi. Wanxi throws out two words: No.

Straightforward, straightforward, no fuss.

Thats how it was when we read.

Wang Guan said that Wanxi and her conversation has always been good, OK, no and no.

Emotionally, its not a drag.

In college, many boys chased Wanxi. One boy chased her for a long time. She ignored her all the time, but the boy didnt give up and went on chasing.

One day, Wanxi said to the boy solemnly, where is it tonight? Lets meet. The boy thought that Wanxi would agree to go on a date with him, but he held it carefully for a while. As a result, Wanxi went over and said, elder martial brother, we are really not suitable. Dont chase me..

Turn around and go.

Some peoples cool is just floating on the surface, but Wanxi, an elder sister, has a sense of cool inside and outside.

Hu Ge remembers that he didnt enter the school when he was admitted to the opera. In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, there was a play arranged in the school. Because his family was in Shanghai, he was also called. At that time, Wanxi was in her freshman year. She was the first senior sister among the students to talk to him. She left a very deep impression on him. He always remembered the scene, when I was resting backstage, she sat on my left hand side and looked at me: younger martial brother is good.

Sister riding the wind and waves when the official announcement was first made, the support group of ten thousand Ye was very luxurious, and the popularity was not generally good.

02 how to refine Wanye

Wanxis character can not be developed without family education.

When I was a child, I drew on the wall once, and my father did it once. Finish and draw again. Fight again, draw again.

Wanxis childhood photo

My father likes singing. I hope my daughter can be a singer in the future. Wanxi loves singing herself, but she doesnt want to follow my fathers wishes, so she directly applied for the performance school.

She went to the school and wrote a letter of introduction. Then she packed her bags and went straight to Wuhan. Before she left, she called her parents and told them that I had gone to Wuhan for the exam.

In 2000, Wanxi was admitted to the performance Department of Shanghai drama academy with her first grade in a professional course - going to other places to study and staying away from home, which was also a way for her to resist discipline.

But she didnt think that she was really far away from home. She suddenly began to miss her home. She thought of her father. She thought that his father loved her very much, but she was not good at expressing.

The father and daughter are very similar. They are silent, stubborn, introverted and speechless. Also because of the lack of communication, the relationship between the two will become more and more rigid.

In her senior year, Wanxi decided to write a letter to her father. In her letter, she told her father that what she had done in the past was for what reason and what psychology, and she made a self analysis from the beginning to the end. The Father also wrote a long letter to his daughter. For Wanxi, it was an emotional reconciliation between their father and daughter. From then on, she put away her rebellious heart.

But some personality traits have been formed.

Wanxi doesnt like to cry, since she was a child.

I used to watch Titanic with my classmates. Everyone around me was crying. Wanxi couldnt cry. She was very surprised: why do you cry like this?

Now in retrospect, she thinks that her fathers strict education has covered up her weak side, which has resulted in a part of her emotion being frozen and her empathy ability being reduced.

When you first learn to perform, there is a way called Empathy. When you want to express an emotion in the performance but dont know how to express it, you go to find a similar experience in your life, then recall that experience, and move the emotion and reaction to the role.

Vance wont move and doesnt want to.

Its still the same today.

All her performances are based on her understanding of the role itself, never bringing in personal feelings, only thinking and responding with the roles thinking.

Life and work, Wanxi very open. Although her emotions are relatively closed in her life, she can fully open herself and become the role as long as she stands on the stage or faces the camera.

03 senior actress

For four years in college, Wanxi has always been a top student.

When I was a student, I often went abroad to participate in drama festivals on behalf of my school. In my sophomore year, I went to Romania as No. 1 woman to play the classical Greek tragedy Antigone. In my third year, I went to the United States to perform the drama immortals and good women with students from Bader college, playing No. 1 woman Shen Dai.

During her college life, Wanxi never took over any drama and has been rehearsing drama at school. In the first two years after graduation, she has also been performing drama, and her drama doubt has won four nominations for the highest award in the drama industry.

At that time, she firmly believed that she would live on the stage of drama, rehearse till old, perform many excellent works, and become a performing artist in the future.

As a result, the way to film is not smooth.

Wanxi once wrote a small word about her experience after graduation, and made a funny voice:

I remember that year when I just graduated from college, I didnt receive a single play, so many actors in the society, all of them had their own plays, but I didnt. I just indulged in the world of Warcraft. When I finished painting the copies every day, I would take the trumpet. After I finished taking the trumpet, I would brush the copies again, and set up my own labor union. I would fight and fight like this. Have you ever tried to play the game every day without any plays?

It was 2007, a whole year, and Wanxi didnt get a play. A record called gravitation was released, and the sales volume was also very poor. At that time, she was in a bad state, with a lot of negative energy. She seldom laughed and ignored people. All her classmates described her as a candle that was falling and going out in the wind.

One day, Wanxi came to the river and stayed from noon to night. It happened to rain in the sky. Its a bit unexpected here.

But then she felt that she couldnt do it and had to make a change. How can I make my play be liked by the audience? Does the audience like my role only after they like me? Because if I have something lovely and liked by others, I will naturally bring it to the character.

In 2009, after Wanxi finished filming Shanghai, she felt as if she had been enlightened in acting and was finally satisfied with herself. Since then she has appeared in several hit shows:

The sword screen of the daughter of Jiangmen in the legend of the king

Although her acting is well-known, she has not been angry because she is a supporting role.

Wanxi is a name that has attracted more attention. It should be 2014. That year, she got the best match for golden horse with the movie paradise in the army. After taking the stage, she said: I hope to stand on this stage and get the hostess in my lifetime.

Movie paradise in the army

Its good to win the prize, but many passers-by still dont know Wanxi because the film hasnt been shown in the mainland.

Since then, Wanxi has appeared in a series of films and TV works, the most famous of which is Hello, crazy man. In this film, Wanxis performance of cutting seven corners by herself is called acting explosion.

In this scene, she shot 32 pieces in total. She broke down in the middle of the shot. She held the monitor and breathed deeply. Her tears fell all the time.

The final result is good. Many insiders also pay attention to Wanxi, and more and more people come to her to make the film. Even one year, she made four films at the same time. Xiangshan, Hengdian in Hangzhou and Shanghai, turned around one after another, always on the highway. At the end of the film, she was directly allergic to skin, and her white hair grew. She later told her agent not to play for me.

At that time, I didnt understand. I thought I might be in the rising stage of my career. I hope I could have more opportunities to show myself and have more works left to let others know. But I found that I couldnt. I couldnt do this. And to be honest, even if its easy for me to play, this way of playing is disrespectful to the drama team.

But outside the circle, for the common people, Wanxi still belongs to the unknown actor.

In recent years, Wanxis popularity has been enhanced by the broadcast of such films and TV works as hunting ground, Three Kingdoms secret hidden dragon in the abyss, new world and south station Party, but can you say that she is popular? Im afraid not.

Four years ago, she went on a popular microblog search because she answered a question on Zhihu: what kind of experience is it to be a non popular actor? What will you be busy with?

At that time, Wanxi replied: as a senior actor who has been in the circle for more than ten years, I think he is qualified to answer such a question. I dont have many ways to live in obscurity all the time. With a face that is not destined to be an idol and a heart that is too lazy to toss itself about, I should not be angry, so Id better live a clean life.

Read a bit of self mockery and ridicule, but also a bit sincere and helpless.

This is also the true portrayal of many acting schools at present.

At this stage, many of my work and life habits have become a inertia. If I were young, I would avoid such a variety show. A group of small partners would PK on the stage. I may feel that I dont need such a stimulation. I would like to study my own major, study my own performance and put all my concentration on it. Now, I think I need a new stimulus and some new energy. I hope that through such a program, my inertia can be changed.

Wanxi doesnt know where she can go in this program, but it doesnt matter where she goes. Its good to get what she wants. I dont want to do too much, because I am already an actor. Anything I get outside the acting is just an extra reward.

04 true treasure girl

Looking at Wanxis Micro blog, Zhihu and some past interviews, I found that this is a real treasure girl.

She is very serious about her major.

Before the film liurushi started shooting, Wanqian put off all her work and spent more than half a year studying the character and learning Guqin and Kunqu Opera at her own expense. Many people said after watching the movie that Liu Rushi in Wanxis version is almost the same as Liu Rushi in their impression, which can be said to be a perfect restoration.

Before joining the group, she went to the old furniture market to find a carpenter, and learned how to mortise, putty and paint. Zhang Songwen said after watching the movie, the director Diao Yinan said that Wanqians performance of puttying furniture in it is not a current one. Based on his experience of puttying, Wanqian felt that she had learned at least two weeks. The director said, yes, exactly two weeks.

Every time before entering a role, Wanxi will be fully prepared to learn the skills of the role. Only when she really learns these skills, can she concentrate more on the performance. She will feel that this thing is born to me, and I will always do it, and it will not become a burden for me (when performing).

I have participated in three episodes of sound in its environment, and I have mastered each role very well. There are some amazing clips that are the movie soundtrack.

Besides her major, Wanxi has many hidden skills that are not known.

Hes also a Warcraft player and has founded his own trade union

She is also a member of B station - not only a big member, but also a formal member who found that she could not pay attention to the up master after becoming a big member and answered 100 questions conscientiously, and achieved a good score of more than 80 points.

The elder sister is also very stemming in her speech.

One of the links in an entertainment interview is to ask her to reply to a love story. One of them is, if you say you look good, Ill bear it, but also grow to look like I like. What do you want me to do? After reading it, she could not help but laugh a few times, and then replied, Im sorry, I have a child..

Wanxis Zhihu answer is also very interesting. She will share a good documentary with you

Share the authentic Hunan rice noodle shop in Beijing

Share the artifact of staying up late to watch the world cup

She seldom talks about her love in public, even if show love is pure and light.

Wanxi micro blog has a he took series, which are all the photos her husband took for her. (this brother-in-law is a photographer)

She once said that the emotional way to expect is simple. The so-called simple, pet me.. We have set up a family, but we are all independent individuals. We are all striving for our own business. When we get back home, we must hope to get the other partys attention.

As for life, she has a worldly long cherished wish: hope her parents are healthy, hope her children have a good future, hope her husband has been doting on her.

Wanxi will not dream, has been down-to-earth management of their lives. Looking back at her life in a few years, she doesnt expect this picture of life to be spectacular, but at least at a certain point its enough to flash.

As for the ideal of becoming a performing artist, it has always been. Its just that the mountain is too high for Wanxi to see now, so she is still working hard. People should have ideals after all, in case it is realized.

If it cant be realized, it doesnt matter, its good for me to be able to act, to be able to support me in my favorite career, and to be appreciated by others.


Note: the story information source of this article is video interview programs such as definition, Kefan listening, the best scene, New Youth hot chat, etc., with pictures from sister riding the wind and waves, definition, playing big cards on love, Zhihu, Douban, Wanxi Weibo and Internet.