Womens Guide: when the car and house tickets are in place, we will get married

 Womens Guide: when the car and house tickets are in place, we will get married


When it comes to killing blood, does it feel chilly behind? Look, where does Tian Lei live? You can buy a house like this without your parents or friends - its worth it even if its still available. How did she do it? A woman with a bachelors degree, a woman who has no money but to give up studying abroad? She had a good house, a good car, and then a good career. Besides, she has to climb up step by step. First is the second level partner, then is the first level partner. High light moment, its here.


Successful women naturally attract successful men. Such appreciation lies in mutual affection and mutual affection. Please look at Xu Haifeng. Tian Lei and Xu Haifeng are childhood sweethearts. In terms of career, they are equally matched. Everyone has a good feeling and unconsciously supports each other and makes common progress. Xu Haifengs love for Tian Lei is visible to the naked eye. But why does Tian Lei refuse Xu Haifeng again and again? Is this what is often said to be hard to get or willing to refuse but welcome? No, Tian Lei doesnt play this game.

Her idea is also very simple: wait until the car and house tickets are all in place. At this moment, its time to work hard for a career. Im afraid thats what many women in the workplace are thinking. Love cant be seen or touched. A man who says I love you today may say I love you to others tomorrow. So money is always the most lovely thing. Women want happiness, its all. And the sense of security and belonging, because the existence of car ticket house has the most perfect definition. Man, if you are going to marry me, why dont you wait?


However, there is another special thing to pay attention to: what is in place? How much is in place? Has it been calculated and how long will it take to meet this condition? Although, belong to your love will not run away, belong to your man will also wait. Just, are you sure you want to spend the most precious time, the youth that will never return? You know, theres really no shortcut. Every step you take, you have to cut through thorns. All efforts paid may not have corresponding gains. I dont know what to do with it?

Tian Lei and Xu Haifeng attend the wedding of Ding Shiya and Zhou Chenyu. Xu Haifeng is joking: is it really too late to get married until the car, house and ticket are all in place. This is the most insidious hint and the most affectionate confession of a man. Almost. Dont cling to some of these. The most important thing in marriage is to have sincere feelings, Xu Haifeng told Tian Lei. With emotion, no matter how hard life is, it can be shared by two people. There is a person who is willing to accompany you to the end of life, the last moment, that is so beautiful. Seriously, too much.

When the car and house tickets are in place, well get married - well, do you want to reconsider?