You earn money, you work, you raise children: why should I be the Savior of marriage?

 You earn money, you work, you raise children: why should I be the Savior of marriage?


In marriage, we can always see women who are children, husbands, families They work day and night for many things, but they forget to do it for themselves.

Xiao Wei got married two years ago. After marriage, her husbands food and clothing are almost all arranged by her. For example, what clothes her husband will wear the next day, she will fold them up and put them beside the bed the night before, and now her husband is lying on the sofa lazily playing games.

In such a life, we can only say that one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. However, we are at peace and enjoy ourselves. Until the baby was born, Xiao Wei was even more exhausted. Every cry of the child, she was so nervous that she could not wait to make the child comfortable.

From nursing, sleeping and changing diapers, all of them are done by themselves. At the same time, she still remembers to do everything for her husband, but she doesnt understand that she feels so considerate. Why does her husband always quarrel with her? It wasnt like that before.

When two people, one pays and the other receives. Its simple. But after the children came out, there were more and more people in the family at this time, and Xiaowei was still treated in the same manner and manner as before, which would inevitably cause others, such as mother-in-law, the feeling of how can I seem to be redundant.

What Xiaowei didnt realize was that she did everything without giving others the choice.

But Xiaowei always thinks that he is not good enough. Her motto is love as yourself, but it is her love, heavy love, people can not penetrate.

Like Xiaowei, in the family and marriage, he always has a saviors feelings. He wants to bear all the familys affairs by himself, but at last he makes himself exhausted and his family at a loss.

What I dont understand is that the premise of love yourself as yourself is to learn how to love yourself first, and then I can love others when I realize it.

If we sacrifice ourselves to love others, what that love can only give others is moving tears and heavy burden; what she needs is not to grow up fast, or to do more and better; but to try to let go, have a good rest and take care of ourselves first.

The meaning of life lies in being yourself; the value of marriage lies in being the best yourself.

Therefore, if a woman in a marriage has always held the saviors feelings, it seems to pay, it seems to sacrifice for the family, but it is not conducive to the long-term relationship between husband and wife.

Marriage needs two-way pay, one-sided completion, the outcome is often unexpected.


When the wife has done everything well, the husband has no room to interfere. Naturally, he doesnt need to toss and turn himself around and form habits as time goes by. Also, because the wife is excessively capable, the husband begins to rely on her after getting used to it.

Friend Leer always complains about her husbands laziness and asks him to do some work. If you dont say that he can see the work he needs to do, you can say that he moves a little.

Asked a sentence: you are the same as before, you let him drag the floor, he dragged, but he dragged you and this dissatisfied that dissatisfied, finally he did not drag?

Its not wrong, but Lele didnt understand from the beginning to the end. The husband may have a heart willing to do it, but it gradually dissipates in his wifes dissatisfaction again and again, and then he simply doesnt take the initiative to do it, but the wife says it and does it.

Over time, the fun between husband and wife will be worn out in these trivial things.

Therefore, the woman of saviors feelings always wants to do everything properly by herself. However, such feelings seem to bear everything, but actually exclude her family from the scope of common help. Respect your husband, sometimes let him do something, from another point of view is also the way to teach him.

In marriage, the husband and wife who grow up together often have tacit understanding at the end.

Some people say that this is a loveless political marriage. In fact, on the contrary, with their common desire for success and their common growth on the road to success, the love between frank and Claire has been upgraded until they tacitly agreed that no one can leave each other.

In the vast sea of people, it is not others, but this strong iron man outside deeply loves Claire, more than sharks love blood; it is this elegant and sexy intellectual woman who quietly ignites Franks internal energy.

Two excellent people never refuse to grow up together. Even though there are some different views on the way to a happy marriage, they finally choose each other.

A family, a marriage, husband, wife and children, and often savior feelings on the establishment of family relations, is unbalanced. Because sometimes, what husband and wife do is not important, what kind of attitude to live is important; how much money we earn is not important, we love each other is important.

Husband and wife grow up together and their families help each other, which is the real core of lasting happiness in marriage.

A truly happy marriage always requires the husband and wife to make progress and grow up together.

Savior sentiment, no matter marriage or parenting, is not allowed. It not only makes women tired physically and mentally, but also makes families and even marriage in trouble.

Put down the feelings of the savior, we will find that the marriage is suddenly open, and people are relaxed.

I wish I could have one heart and one white head. We come to this world, after decades of hard work, if we can achieve such a result, it will be a kind of success.