Couples world: when marriage is in crisis, can a bowl of noodles solve the problem?

 Couples world: when marriage is in crisis, can a bowl of noodles solve the problem?

Apart from Chi Shanyu and LiTaO, their marriage is astonishing. Please see, one is trying to work hard to maintain a family; one is trying to take advantage of each other, and then try to fool each other around. Such a couple has no emotion at all. Chi Shanyu is innocent. She didnt expect her husband to betray herself in this way. Woman, her energy is limited - ugly to say, her ambition is limited. After the crisis of marriage, the only thing Chi Shanyu can do is divorce. Because she doesnt want to lose everything.

About a bowl of noodles

Do you know the movie of Stephen Chow? It is said that some people are afraid of thinking. Looking at the smiling Carina Lau, you think that this wife is too virtuous. However, Stephen Chow didnt think so. Whats wrong? Whats wrong? No matter what, we have to solve the problem. So, cook a bowl of noodles. When cooking noodles, it can make people calm down. Think about it. Is there anything else worth remembering about this marriage? If so, please cherish it. When eating noodles, you can think: this man is actually very good to himself.

If you dont even have the mood to cook noodles and the time to eat noodles, you can say that there is no room for retention in this marriage. First of all, noodles Cook: you dont want to do anything for each other anymore, even if its a chore. How much do you love each other? as one can imagine. Whats more, noodles: what a nice step. The other party has already brought you a ladder. You just follow the ladder and just come down. But you dont want to, because you dont think you need to be courteous. You even save effort on smart words and smart colors. If the other party doesnt mention divorce, you cant wait to leave.

About the world of husband and wife

The world of husband and wife can be wonderful. Like a kaleidoscope, you are in the midst of endless beauty, endless surprises. Well, its OK to be scared. There are two results waiting for you: one is to linger. Make do with it. Its a lifetime. 2u3001 Cut the mess with a sharp knife. If you cant go on, divorce. He turned around and left in a brisk way, even though he could last several days. Between husband and wife, they seem to be separated from each other. Then, even I dont think the disguise can go on. OK, bless each other and go on our own way. Marriage, go to you.

OK, its time for a bowl of noodles. The best way to test each other is a bowl of noodles.

Theres room for cooking if you like. If you are willing to eat, you can save it. The old and the young are happy.

Marriage crisis is like the so-called seven-year itch. Boil a boil can pass, I wish you happiness!