Thundering order starts with Jinhan and qinhailu to pay homage to the heroes of the times

 Thundering order starts with Jinhan and qinhailu to pay homage to the heroes of the times

I hope this play can warm the public security police who have been fighting on the anti drug front all the year round, and also hope that this play can cause widespread concern from all walks of life, and more clearly recognize the great harm of drugs to individuals and society. Zhao Biao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Changying group, as the chief producer of the play, said in an interview that under the guidance and help of Jindun film and Television Cultural Center of the Ministry of public security, Lu Dong, the chief playwright and famous writer of the play, has been in-depth experience of life at the grassroots level all the year round, and has interviewed more than 180 kinds of police, including criminal investigation, special police, traffic police, anti drug police, public security, economic investigation, Internet surveillance and technical investigation The first-line police officers interviewed nearly 100 people involved in the case, and finally completed the script of thundering order after one and a half years. The script truly reflects the state of contemporary peoples police in daily work and life. This creative spirit is exactly the original intention of art creation that Changying has been adhering to for more than 70 years since its establishment. I hope that the production team can take this as an example to create and shoot well It is a good work reflecting the touching deeds of the peoples police in the new era, which are not forgetting their original intention and mission, going deep into the tigers den, anti drug and anti evil, fighting against crime and protecting the people. With a unique perspective, the young elements such as blood, youth and growth will be integrated into the main melody of the story, and the positive energy will be conveyed in a popular way, so as to eulogize the great hero, the great party, the great era, the great motherland and the great people.

In 2019, the drama won the excellent script award in the national excellent original script selection of political and legal themes. Based on the real events, the story tells the growth of the three post-90s peoples policemen represented by solemnity.

Sun Ying, the chief producer of the play, speaks at the opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony, the chief director Lin Feng introduced that the play will combine the hero image with the twists and turns of wonderful emotional narration. In the shooting, there are not only intense and wonderful fighting scenes such as car battle and gunfight, but also relaxed and interesting daily life. Thunder order, as a real public security drama, will make a good performance in national spirit and patriotism emotion with a unique artistic creation way Our interpretation and expression will pay the highest tribute to the unsung heroes who maintain the long-term public security of the country. All our cast members will spare no effort, unite and cooperate to create good results!

General director Lin Feng speaks at the opening ceremony

General director Lin Feng is interviewed by the media at the shooting scene

Young actor Jin Han plays the leading role in the play. He is full of expectation for the role, its my honor to play a young police officer. Im looking forward to challenging such a grounded and enthusiastic police officer, and Im looking forward to happy creation and healthy shooting with all the creators in the coming days!

Actor representative Jin Han speaks at the opening ceremony

Actor representative Jin Han speaks at the opening ceremony

Leng Guohong, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Changying group and Li Tiejun, general manager of Changying times media attended the opening ceremony. Li suifang, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Jindun film and television culture center of the Ministry of public security, Zhang Zhigang, producer of Jindun film and television culture center of the Ministry of public security, Wang iqiao, producer of Zhejiang taro media, Yu Xi, producer of taro media, and other leaders who were unable to attend due to the epidemic, respectively congratulated the show on its opening by online video.

Leng Guohong said that under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the health and safety of the crew members and the security of the epidemic prevention and control situation in the shooting area, the production team tested the itinerary and health code of all the crew members in advance to ensure the green code of the whole team, and specifically instructed the relevant staff to do a good job in nucleic acid testing, reminding the staff to carry out self separation in advance after arriving in Hainan according to the itinerary Away. At the same time, during the shooting, the main creative team will also strictly follow the relevant regulations, disinfect the shooting area every day, and monitor the health of the crew throughout the whole process, so as to ensure that under the condition of health and safety, it will present the good positive energy works from inside to outside and set an example for the audience.

The play will be set in Hainan, Yunnan and other places. It is expected to be finished by the end of October this year. It will be broadcast in the second half of 2021, and will be dedicated to the partys centenary.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020