Rocket girl 101 farewell ceremony today opens the glorious ending of Chinas first womens regiment

 Rocket girl 101 farewell ceremony today opens the glorious ending of Chinas first womens regiment

In the reservation interface of the farewell ceremony of rocket girl 101, the interview video of 11 girls participating in creation 101 and the warm picture of their growing up in two years are played in a circle. For girls, every shot is the beginning of a dream, and every transition means a transformation. In a moment of rolling barrage on the side of the last wishes of fans to rocket girl 101. It is reported that the farewell ceremony will be divided into three chapters, corresponding to the glory, meeting and farewell of rocket girl 101. In the first chapter of honor, the girls will sing the first womens group in the name of rocket girl 101.

In the released notice, the girls keep the unique stage style of the rocket girl 101. The classic colors of devil and angel, Princess and queen, black and white are all cool. In the second chapter, which means meeting, girls and fans will recall their dreams and changes in the two years from meeting to meeting and then to knowing each other. Whats more surprising is that in this link, Huang Zitao, the tutor of creation 101, will also come to the scene, which makes people cant help but expect how the theme song of creation 101 will sound, and how the girls will feel when they put the time back to the summer two years ago. In the last chapter of farewell, girls have to say goodbye to fans, mentors, staff and friends who accompany them for two years. Although the glory of rocket girl 101 has faded, the girls pursuit of dreams and the spirit of turning against the wind remain unchanged. As Meng Meiqi said, time can be limited, but stage and dream will not.

As early as may, rocket girl 101 farewell season began. Meet and goodbye this farewell group special also unlocked the fourth farewell single today. As the first single released in farewell group college, 11 heartbeats starts from the company and tacit understanding among members, and tells about the beat of 11 hearts at the same frequency. The melody of the whole song is cheerful and witty, making people dream back to the happy group moment of girls two years ago. Two weeks after the release of 11 heartbeats, the second single Shh, Ill tell you was officially released. In this song, all 101 rocket girls participated in the lyric, 11 girls who walked through two spring, summer, autumn and winter together told their farewell thoughts, which was moving.

After being aroused by the second single about the real feeling of parting in the hearts of fans, rocket girl 101 gave fans a surprise. The third single hard candy breaks through the frame and tear off the label. The strong music visual style is refreshing. It also conveys the spirit of the female League represented by rocket girl 101 - I hope every girl can live as a hard candy: face life with a hard shell, face life with a sweet heart, and become her Queen. Today, the fourth farewell single 5452830 finally meets with the outside world. In the title of the song, three prime numbers and three even numbers are arranged alternately, which means a cycle: sometimes we think that some departures will be the end, in fact, another new beginning. Looking back on the past two years, the rocket girl 101, with invincible courage, has gone all the way through difficulties, embarking on a brilliant road ahead from the unknown journey. Wanton growth ushers in transformation and conveys the spirit of rushing in the wind, which is the core value of rocket girl 101.

Source: Han Chong, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NBJ11345