Little man opens in Beijing

 Little man opens in Beijing

Since the Spring Festival in 2019, science fiction has become a new hot word in the domestic film market. Up to now, it is still the focus type of the public fans. The film project of little man was created by director Yan Tianji, who concentrated on it for ten years, gathered the first-class behind the scenes team in the industry to research and create, and vowed to create a new generation of domestic science fiction film series.

As a young director after the 1980s, Yan Tianji has long been committed to the research and development of science fiction universe. The armour, clothing and weapons in this film are all created by Yandao studio. For this work, Yan said in an interview: as the post-80s, science fiction and martial arts are the two most indispensable elements in our growth. A good work, in my eyes, details are essential elements. In order to ensure the quality of the film, the team members began to design and produce all relevant clothing and props a year ago. From the giant mecha to the astronauts drinking cup, all of them are the products of the early hard work of the art department and the props department. At the same time, most of our shots are shot on the spot, striving to bring the best audio-visual experience to the audience. .

As one of the few hard core science fiction comedies in China, song Ge, the chief producer, introduced how to present this feature in little man: in essence, this movie is about our own story. Nowadays, movies are very familiar to the public. With the popularity of short video software, video shooting has become a popular culture. However, which departments are the cast divided into? How to make special effects? How is the script polished? These are the contents that we care about, are curious about, and cannot understand. We hope that through this little man, we can let Chinese people see the charm of domestic machine armour and domestic science fiction universe, and also satisfy the curiosity of the outside world about film and television production itself.

In 2020, the impact of the epidemic on the film industry is well known, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of Chinese filmmakers. Having experienced the scene of anti epidemic with one mind, the producer Zhong Shan is more focused on the project research and development of little man. In the type of science fiction, home-made does not mean plagiarism or imitation, its inherent should be the modern presentation of Chinese traditional culture. All of the mecha in this film are independent design works directed by Yan Tianji. In addition to this film, peripheral derivatives will be successively launched later.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020