Is Trumps campaign rally cold field related to this fan group?

 Is Trumps campaign rally cold field related to this fan group?

Overseas network novel coronavirus pneumonia in June, 23, Saturday, June 20th (US). President Trump held the first campaign rally since the outbreak of a new crown pneumonia outbreak in Tulsa, Oklahoma City. It is surprising that the scene is not only not full of the expected scene, but also quite cold and empty.

It is reported that the venue for the election can hold more than 19000 people. According to the statistics of Tulsa fire department, there are about 6200 participants, that is to say, the attendance rate of the whole venue is less than one third. Just last week, President trump tweeted, nearly a million people are asking for tickets to a Saturday night rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, CNN reported A local official said they expected 100000 people to show up near the venue.

Mary Jo laupp, 51, was one of the first to protest on Internet platforms, USA Today reported. All of us want to see this 19000 seat auditorium almost or completely empty: book a ticket now and let him stand alone on the stage. She said in the video.

Since the death of Joe Freud, an African American man, triggered a large-scale protest in the United States, a large number of K-pop fans have provided support to the black life is life movement. A few weeks ago, K-pop fans gathered around the black lives matter movement, drowning out white lives are lives and other anti black themes.

For the embarrassment of the dumb fire of the campaign rally, trump campaign manager Brad Pascal, on the 21st, argued to CNN: leftists and troublemakers on the Internet are celebrating the victory. They feel theyve affected attendance, but they dont know how the campaign rally is organized. He added: registration meetings mean that responses have been made with mobile numbers, as we have done in tens of thousands at the Tulsa rally, and we will continue to clean up fake numbers to count possible attendees. These fake requests will never be considered.

Alexandria ocasio Cortez, a democratic representative, forwarded Pascals tweet and quipped: in fact, you were fooled by a group of young people. A large number of false appointments swept Trumps campaign, making you really think that people who want to hear your white supremacy can fill the whole field during the outbreak.

On June 21, two Korean pop music lovers told CNN by Skype and telephone that they had reserved two seats each, but did not use their real names and numbers. RAQ, a 22-year-old student from Minnesota, said one of the key reasons for her participation (false registration) was that the rally was in Tulsa, about 100 years ago, the countrys bloodiest racist violence. On the same day, the guardian quoted sources as saying that Korean fans have established close ties on social media so that they can quickly spread information among each other. They are familiar with algorithms and know how to improve the quality of video.

Steve Schmidt, a senior Republican campaign strategist, said on twitter that his 16-year-old daughter and her friends in Park City, Utah, had hundreds of votes.. In the face of young Americans in recent weeks, from promoting their favorite stars to supporting the life is life for black people campaign, Schmidt said that todays teenagers are growing up with mobile phones, they know whats going on around them, and they are participating in politics through their own way of life.

It is reported that this is not the first time for Korean fan groups to sell recently. The US News website buzzfeed reported on June 1 that Dallas police had previously called on local residents to upload and report videos of illegal activities during the protest, but the platform used by the police was destroyed by the large number of South Korean star videos used by the public. Just hours later, the Dallas police department updated the content again, saying the program was temporarily unavailable for technical reasons.. However, hundreds of netizens then tweeted back to the police station about Korean videos and facial expression packs.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }Are the recommendations infuriated by the low attendance of the campaign rally? White House: trump is not angry. Two more people in Trumps campaign team are infected with the new crown. Eight people have been infected. The United States is suffering from multiple pressures. Trump restarts the campaign rally. Trump is playing the economic card. Trump has just finished the campaign rally. The earthquake happened in Oklahoma. Source: overseas website Author: Wang Zhili, Zhang Ni, editor in charge: Yuan Yijiao_ NB14956