Suqian net red two story villa farmers can buy it for only 50 thousand yuan

 Suqian net red two story villa farmers can buy it for only 50 thousand yuan

There are five such private yards in Suqian. The first batch of most beautiful farm houses are located in songzhangkou village, the rest in xinxingwei, Sihong County, Zhouma village, dunqian village and Huaixi village of Shuyang County.

Design Institute began to make subtraction Then the second draft and the third draft remove the decoration of aluminum alloy window, fence line foot, wind board, etc. over and over again to reduce the prefabricated components Finally, the budget is set at the unit price of 1990 yuan / m2, which also includes 500 yuan of water supply, power supply, gas, landscape and other supporting costs.

Although the cost has been reduced, but the romance of designers can be a little bit many, they hope that the country has a sentiment, the farmhouse becomes avant-garde, fashion! As a result, the village has Chinese style courtyard, small bridge, running water, green grassland Its no worse than the villa.

Every one who enters the Chinese style block of songzhangkou village, the first action is almost to take out his mobile phone and record the poetic feeling in front of him.

All kinds of flowers are planted on the flower bed outside the courtyard, and all kinds of roses are half hidden and full of amorous feelings. Of course, if the villagers dont like to plant flowers, they can also plant vegetables in their own small yard, or put aside miscellaneous food items. The stone table stool in the yard can let the villagers who have finished their work have a rest, have tea and chat, play cards and chess, and live a life of picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and seeing Nanshan at ease.

There are more than 1000 flat ponds at the entrance of songzhangkou village, which are reconstructed from the original paddy fields. At leisure, villagers can come here for a walk and fishing. At the head of the village, ancient trees and open spaces are reserved for the elderly to cool down and children to play.

Because the house is too beautiful, the villagers have become self-discipline, the villagers who live in are embarrassed to spit and make noise everywhere, which has played an exemplary role in the latest beautiful new countryside.

The second batch of agricultural buildings are practical and large yard with abundant storage

The GOA elephant design team is responsible for the Zhouma village project. After receiving the project, the design team stayed in the village for a week to understand the needs of local residents. From the completion of the design to the implementation, the team spent three months to make four rounds of plans, trying to integrate the local characteristics into the design of Zhouma village, and integrate the fashionable style of homestay, so as to make the overall style more modern and dynamic.

In this project, there are a lot of ideas for the villagers actual needs and life improvement. The old tiles were demolished and transformed into decorative windows beside the courtyard door. The designer made the courtyard door two meters high. The larger the courtyard, the better. It is convenient for farmers to use farm tools and electric vehicles. At the same time, it also forms a sunny sun farm, which can not only dry various crops, but also the most favorite resting area for villagers.

More storage space will be added for the house type. There will be space for laundry pool and parking space for battery car in the backyard. According to the designers of Goa elephant design, the greatest respect for the villagers is to consider their way of life..

Of course, for the convenience of the villagers, the location of small shops, clinics, red and white wedding halls and other areas are carefully considered, radiating in every corner, and everyone can walk for a few minutes. The villagers like to get together to chat about family life, drink tea and play chess. The left behind children also need a large area of playing places. As the main image port and traffic transfer point of the village, the village entrance has set up lotus pond and activity center. Another stage will be set up in the activity center, which will provide a good place for people who love square dancing. Thanks to all kinds of intimate design, the original lively village in the villagers mind can continue.

Finally, the new Zhouma village is a local building which is not grandiose, simple and free, but also has Chinese charm.

There are 70 or 80 year old people without decoration, directly live in the embryo room. Its worth living in a house like this, the old man said

Three changes and four expansions, one door, one courtyard, balcony, sunrise lighting

Originally, most of the local residents lived in brick and tile houses built by themselves in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, the industrial development was relatively backward, and young people went out to work one after another, resulting in serious hollowing out of villages. In response to the demands of the masses, Zhuhu town promptly launched the construction of the new rural housing improvement project, and pried the revitalization of the countryside.

Apart from good houses, this project attracts peoples attention as well as overall planning and layout. It has kept the shape of water system and road structure to the greatest extent, shaped the style of green shade, water around houses, farmland water, water around villages . It has not only integrated modern elements, but also retained the charm of polder area, and maintained the continuity of life, history and culture of this village. Hou Qingdong said.

At the same time of retaining nostalgia, xinxingwei rural housing improvement project also constructs a national fitness park covering an area of 15 mu, a 75 Mu national entrepreneurship Park, a 10 mu small vegetable garden, a comprehensive service center for the party and the masses, a neighborhood shopping center, and a childrens activity center, striving to solve nostalgia, so that farmers can enjoy the same convenient public services as the city.

Suqian was founded in 1996. At present, there are 3 counties and 2 districts (Suyu District, Sucheng District, Shuyang, Siyang, Sihong). The traffic is not developed and the regional location is not prominent in Jiangsu. Under the prefecture level cities, there are villages of different sizes, hundreds of large ones and a few small ones, which are no different from most villages in China. In just two years, such villages have undergone earth shaking changes. The dilapidated red brick houses and vast wasteland have become scattered private yards, orderly rural areas, and the homesickness of young people has been solved.

House before renovation

Song Weiping once had an impressive saying about the houses with deep human feelings in China: the house is the Pearl, and life is the Pearl.

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