Xi Jinping: Promoting Sino EU relations more stable and mature after the post epidemic era

 Xi Jinping: Promoting Sino EU relations more stable and mature after the post epidemic era

During the meeting, President Xi Jinping expounded the world pattern, the unswerving Chinese position, the significance and prospects of Sino EU cooperation, and worked out a new blueprint for Sino EU cooperation and pushed China EU relations to a new stage. Simulcast + is specially organized to learn with you.

Unswerving Chinese position

China wants peace rather than hegemony.

The starting point of all our policies and work is to let the Chinese people live a happy life. We will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development.

China will continue to deepen reform and expand opening up, which will provide a new round of cooperation opportunities and development space for Europe.

China is a partner, not a rival.

There is no fundamental conflict of interest between China and the EU. Cooperation is far greater than competition, and consensus is far greater than differences.

The world significance of China EU Relations

The world under the impact of the epidemic is undergoing profound changes and facing more unstable and uncertain factors.

As two major forces, markets and civilizations in the world, China and the EU have world significance in what they stand for, oppose and cooperate with each other.

China and the EU need to be two major forces to maintain global peace and stability.

China is willing to exchange views with Europe on major issues, and believes that the EU will continue to move forward in the direction of unity, stability, openness and prosperity. China is willing to see Europe make constructive contributions to international peace and stability, and is willing to strengthen strategic cooperation with Europe to jointly address global challenges.

China and the EU should be two major markets to promote global development and prosperity.

The two major economies of China and the EU should play the role of two engines of the world economy, stimulate the recovery of the world economy, jointly support the scientific and orderly resumption of production, strengthen the coordination of macroeconomic policies, and maintain the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain supply chain.

The two sides should maintain mutual market opening, accelerate the negotiation of China EU investment agreement, strengthen cooperation in green and digital fields between China and the EU, and build green development partners.

Both sides should strengthen trilateral cooperation with Africa.

China and the EU should adhere to multilateralism and improve global governance.

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Xi Jinping: Promoting Sino EU relations more robust and mature after the post epidemic era (source: video synthesis)