Phoenix TVs radio station was stopped broadcasting in the United States

 Phoenix TVs radio station was stopped broadcasting in the United States

In a June 22 statement, the Federal Communications Commission said it had rejected an application from a California studio to rebroadcast Mandarin programs to radio Phoenix, Mexico, and then rebroadcast them back to the United States. The reason is that they did not include Phoenix TV as a participant in the application.

Phoenix youyue radio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV. Although headquartered in the United States, they have been broadcasting Chinese and Mandarin programs to the United States with the help of the xeww-am radio station registered in neighboring Mexico.

It is worth noting that the FCC specifically pointed out in the statement that Phoenix TV shareholders have two entities controlled by the Chinese government. If Phoenix TV is included in the revised application, the committee will review it in accordance with applicable laws..

Full text of FCC statement image source: FCC website

Founded in 1996, Phoenix Satellite TV is a global Chinese satellite TV channel and one of the most influential Chinese media. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong and its mainland center is in Shenzhen. They also claim to be the largest Chinese language television provider in the United States and Canada, broadcasting programs to more than 200000 users through cable and satellite systems.

Phoenix youyue radio station of Phoenix Satellite TV has been used for articles more than once. According to Reuters on June 23, the FCC allowed radio stations to continue broadcasting programs in July 2018 while waiting for the results of applications. But then a local southern California radio operation group asked the FCC to reject the application, saying this will give the Chinese government an opportunity to carry out political propaganda..

In April this year, Ted Cruz, an old anti Chinese congressman and Republican, threatened to propose a proposal in Congress to prohibit the media, including Phoenix TV in China, from using communication facilities in Canada or Mexico to carry out so-called political propaganda in the United States. Although there was no roll call, Cruz stressed the Mexican element: China should not set up a factory in Mexico to promote the United States.

Now that the application of Phoenix youyue radio station has been rejected, Cruz cant help but start the old saying that Phoenix TV is Chinas puppet and plays propaganda programs all over the United States. It also said it was a key step for the United States to confront Chinas attempts to control what the Americans saw and heard.

Since this year, many Chinese media have been brutally suppressed by the US side. In February, the United States listed five Chinese media organizations in the United States as foreign missions, and then disguised a large number of expulsion of Chinese journalists. On June 22, the U.S. State Department listed CCTV, China News Agency, peoples daily and global times as foreign missions, denied the independence of Chinese media, and once again branded Chinese media.

As early as April 3, Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, strongly refuted such statements as Chinese media propagandize the Communist Party of China in the world, saying: its unfair and unreasonable to restrict and create difficulties on Chinese journalists just because they come from a socialist country led by the Communist Party of China.

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