White House Trade advisor says China US trade agreement is over

 White House Trade advisor says China US trade agreement is over

Screenshot of Navarros interview with Fox

Navarro claims, yes, its over.. He then pulled on the new coronavirus, which, in its usual way, stigmatized China as lying about its origin and lacking trust in China.

Affected by Navarros negative comments, Dow Jones index futures fell about 400 points.

Dow futures fell in response: CNBC

At more than 10 p.m. that night, trump tweeted rescue, saying that the Sino US trade agreement was in good condition..

After Navarro clarified, Dow futures rose from CNBC

How much nonsense Navarro made in foxs interview, Reuters quoted several experts for their analysis. Andrew Brenner, head of international fixed income at nataliance securities, said: seal this guys mouth We are sure that his words will be rejected.

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