Give Internet circle your new key words of infrastructure data center

 Give Internet circle your new key words of infrastructure data center

So all kinds of leading enterprises put forward 18 kinds of martial arts and put them into the flood of new infrastructure construction to accelerate the construction of information highway in the digital era. Today, I want to circle the data center that can keep pace with 5g!

5g is well known. Now you may be enjoying the pleasant experience brought by 5g mobile phones, and 5gtob is also pregnant with great energy. For the first time this year, data center (DC), the hero behind the scenes in the digital era, officially stepped from behind the scenes to the front of the stage.

And the smooth start of data center can not be separated from the help of these big guys, mainly telecom operators, large Internet enterprises and independent third parties, and these big guys are also closely related. According to statistics, the proportion of Internet applications in the data center support business built by independent third parties is as high as 80%.

What do data centers know

The infrastructure in the data center, except for the underlying physical facilities, is the server responsible for computing and the network responsible for connecting.

The data center switch is responsible for connecting various physical servers to form the internal network (DCN) of the data center.

In addition, there are a large number of Internet applications, frequent transactions and interactions, as well as various high bandwidth applications such as video, online shopping, and the popularity of AI, AR VR and other new technologies, which make the computing power requirements of the Internet for servers continue to rise. When a data center is unable to carry, it will be distributed around the city where users are concentrated or in the city where IDC is livable.

There is also a huge amount of information transfer between data centers. At this time, data center interconnection network (DCI) is required. It connects multiple data centers through optical fiber to realize information transmission and interaction.

In the construction of data center, Huawei has been focusing on the field of intensive work to build the future oriented Internet infrastructure.

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