New Wi Fi 6 products released by Inspur network enable all wireless IOT Era

 New Wi Fi 6 products released by Inspur network enable all wireless IOT Era

According to IDCs forecast, wi-fi6 will enter the first year of popularization in 2020, and its market size in China alone will be close to 200 million US dollars.

According to the analysis of insiders, wi-fi6 technology with high speed, intelligence and high concurrency, which is different from the main outdoor scene of 5g mobile network, can support the speed of nearly 10Gbps, which will truly realize the overall deployment of indoor intelligent terminals and promote the great development of the era of Internet of animals.

In theory, wi-fi6 can achieve the highest quality wireless network and significantly improve the support efficiency of the Internet of things, but the landing of business scenarios needs to be well prepared for the exponential growth of intelligent terminals, wide area network traffic control and other challenges, stability and reliability are the premise. Liu Shaoyang, director of Inspur network products, said.

In addition, there are two AP products that can work in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the same time. Iap5921i supports outdoor environment and provides greater coverage and wireless signal coverage. It is especially suitable for wireless broadband access applications in urban suburbs, rural areas and ports. There is also iap5930i, a highly reliable and high-performance tri band 802.11axap product, which provides excellent high concurrent access capability and is suitable for high-density Wi Fi coverage in schools, medical treatment, hotels, corporate offices and supermarkets.

According to the introduction, the new generation of wireless products of Inspur network can achieve better power saving management, save up to 7 times of battery power consumption; have higher throughput, minimize wiring investment; high concurrency and low delay, so as to better support wireless access of Internet of things devices such as enterprise monitoring, temperature and humidity, access control, etc; At the same time, through the terminal time fair technology, users can get the same and good online experience no matter what type of terminal they use.

Liu Shaoyang said that the new AP products released this time all support cloud management, which can be expanded infinitely in theory, supporting 100000 AP management at most, and the AP can automatically switch the fat / thin mode to ensure the normal use of the local network even if the cloud platform goes down. Everything is for the safety and reliability of Wi-Fi6 landing in the scene at this stage. Our goal is not to quickly seize the market opportunities, but to create the products that are most needed in different stages of the market. After all, if we cant guarantee the stability and security of the underlying technology, there will be hidden dangers in all wireless connection.

Scene landing connecting the future

Li Jinguang, director of Inspur network solutions, said that compared with traditional Wi Fi, wi-fi6 has brought a series of upgrades, such as supporting multi-user high-speed and high concurrency, which can reflect better performance in user intensive scenarios, while bringing more security, reliability, further transmission and higher speed. These technologies can be integrated with big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies to provide power for the intelligent upgrading of medical, education, transportation and other industries.

According to the introduction, the newly released AP product is an important part of Inspur network to realize smart connection new network. It will be further integrated with Inspur network data center, enterprise network and other products, and will be implemented in the launched solutions of smart medical, smart campus and so on.

The industrys intelligent upgrading is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, data-driven, which is the premise of intelligent innovation; The second is to upgrade the traditional service based on the network with the user as the center. For example, the requirements of teachers and students for the campus network are the display of teaching resources and the optimization of campus management services. However, for hospitals, it may involve the intelligent nursing and refined medical information management with humanistic care, with different demands from different industries; The third aspect is how to use intelligent operation and maintenance to improve efficiency and innovate. The application of wi-fi6 technology will provide support for all wireless connection and overall operation and maintenance efficiency improvement. Li Jinguang said so.

At present, depending on OFDMA technology, wi-fi6 technology of Inspur network can provide high throughput and low latency network in intensive teaching environment, so as to support multiple children in each classroom to learn through VR e-classroom, and avoid stun caused by bandwidth and packet loss and problems of teaching discontinuity.

In the production workshop, Inspur network meets the needs of 7x24 hours continuous operation of high-speed mobile AGV car through seamless roaming technology; On the one hand, build a Wi Fi network with millisecond delay and zero packet loss, support production business without interruption, and promote industrial production from traditional labor-intensive to automation, from fixed production process to flexible manufacturing, so as to reduce production costs, double efficiency and bring more competitiveness.