In Xinyu 1 case of Jiangxi Province, the nucleic acid test was negative, but the serum antibody was positive

 In Xinyu 1 case of Jiangxi Province, the nucleic acid test was negative, but the serum antibody was positive

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is mainly determined by nucleic acid detection, and serum antibody detection is generally used as a screening aid technology, not as a diagnostic basis for confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections, the health and Health Committee of the Chongqing water district said. The serum antibody was positive but the nucleic acid was negative, indicating that there was some immune protection. According to the epidemiological investigation, there is no abnormality in the physical health of Lu and his close contacts. At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is strictly controlled and has been asked to observe the house by isolation.

Lu may have novel coronavirus pneumonia before, but now the nucleic acid detection has turned negative, that is, it is now in a state of recovery. Usually, after the new crown pneumonia is cured and discharged, the patient will have antibody positive and nucleic acid negative if he is checked again. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Beijing, Li Dongceng, deputy director of the comprehensive hospital, told the health Times reporter that Lu had had the following situations: 1, had previously had a new crown pneumonia, has now recovered; 2, before asymptomatic infection, has recovered, has produced antibodies, immunity.

Director Li Dong Zeng further explained that the antibody test results of patients with new crown will have such a process from being infected to being cured. The specific manifestations are as follows: first, IgM antibody is positive, then both IgG antibody and IgM antibody are positive, and later, IgM antibody turns negative, and IgG antibody is positive. Lu Mou had novel coronavirus infection or novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms were lighter. I did not pay attention to it or were asymptomatic infected. After two weeks, the nucleic acid turned negative.

This situation is bound to exist, not a special one. Director Li Dong once said that the asymptomatic infected people have no symptoms, but the nucleic acid test is positive. If the asymptomatic infected people fail to be detected in time, there will also be such a situation as Lu, with serum antibody positive and nucleic acid negative.