Operation data of three major operators in May: 5g unique scenery

 Operation data of three major operators in May: 5g unique scenery

In addition to 5g, other operation data of operators are significantly better than that in previous months, especially China Telecom, which has won the Grand Slam, and the users of main business have achieved an increase, with a net increase of 2.68 million mobile users.

In May, China Mobiles 5g users continued to take the lead, while China Telecoms mobile users rolled over, compared with Unicoms performance slightly worse. In the face of the future user competition, China Mobile holds 700MHz sharp weapon before, and China Telecom continues to eat Unicoms share after that, and the situation of China Unicoms user loss may just begin.

Dynamic balance of user growth effect of number carrying and network transfer

With the arrival of 5g, more and more operators around the world have released 2G / 3G back off plans. Some countries in North America and Asia Pacific are in the forefront of the global 2G / 3G back off process, and 2G / 3G back off processes in other regions are also in full swing.

Among the domestic operators, China Unicom is the most active. China Unicom plans to completely shut down 2G network by the end of the year. According to the proportion of mobile phone users of the three major operators at present, it can be roughly estimated that the number of 2G users of China Unicom in the network is 50 million, that is to say, about 50 million users will be affected by the closure of 2G network by China Unicom.

It usually takes a long time to prepare for 2Gs withdrawal, but China Unicom is in a hurry. In addition, with the convenience of carrying number to transfer network, all these seem to be developing in a direction that is not conducive to China Unicom.

China Unicom said novel coronavirus epidemic challenges were encountered in 1 to May 2020, in the face of market saturation, fierce market competition and new coronavirus epidemic. The company adheres to rational and standardized competition, strengthens differentiation and Internet operation, innovates communication supply, strengthens integration operation, strictly controls user development costs, actively cleanup inefficient inefficient products and channels, and maintains company value. We will promote new information application products and strive to promote high-quality development.

As a partner of China Unicom 5g co construction and sharing, China Telecoms performance is another scene. According to the data, the number of mobile users of China Telecom has increased by 2.68 million, and the total number of mobile users has reached 342.1 million. On the premise that the stock of users has been exhausted, the growth of China Telecoms mobile users has increased month by month, ranking first in the number of net increase of mobile users for several consecutive months, which is obviously the most lost users of China Telecom.

Among the three major operators, China Mobile is still the most dazzling one. According to data, China Mobile added 252000 net customers in May, bringing the total number of users to 94697.9 million. The number of 4G customers increased by 3.809 million, reaching 75753.4 million in total.

In terms of fixed network business, the overall situation has been determined. Since China Mobile took the first place, the number of net users has been growing steadily. In May, China mobile cables net number of customers increased by 2.015 million in that month, reaching 195.5 million in total. In May, the number of cable broadband users of China Telecom increased by 680000, and the cumulative number of cable broadband users was 153.35 million. In May, China Unicoms fixed network broadband users increased by 402000, reaching 85543000 in total, and the fixed network broadband users increased by 2065000 in total this year.

5g commercial accelerated users or more than 100 million

In May, China mobile net increased the number of 5g package customers by 11.864 million, and the total number of 5g package customers reached 55.609 million; China Telecom Net increased the number of 5g package customers by 8.35 million, and the total number of 5g package customers reached 3.05 million. It is worth noting that China Unicom still does not disclose the number of 5g users. But according to the forecast, the 5g users of the three operators together may have exceeded 100 million.

The rapid development of 5g users is inseparable from the construction of 5g base station. At present, the total number of 5g base stations in China has exceeded 250000. According to Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, 5g has accelerated its construction since the beginning of the year, and now there are more than 10000 5g base stations added every week. It is expected that by the end of this year, more than 600000 5g base stations will be built in China, covering cities above prefecture level. At the same time, the continuous maturity of terminal and industrial chain is also paving the way for operators to develop 5g users.

In terms of the relevant 5g package charges, the three major operators are also making great efforts to offer discounts. Recently, the news of 5g package discount triggered hot discussion. The monthly fee of RMB 100 was reduced to RMB 88 after the discount. In the future, with the price of 5g mobile phones and the expansion of 5g network coverage, the lower threshold 5g entry package may be launched within this year, and the threshold for consumers to enjoy 5g network will be further reduced.