be careful! Are you hungry? A takeaway in Beijing receives 50 orders every day

 be careful! Are you hungry? A takeaway in Beijing receives 50 orders every day

He went to work at 10:00 on the 19th, once received orders at Youxian (shunsidiao store), nanchengxiang (chengshousi store), laojia meatloaf (zhonghaicheng store), guoduomei (Liujiayao store in Beijing), etc. every day, he shopped at Hongxi supermarket near his home at 15:00, and at fruit stall near his home at 22:00.

At 9:00 on the 21st day, 120 ambulances were transferred to the fever clinic of Chuiyangliu hospital for investigation, and the diagnosis was confirmed on that day.

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Hungry? Response:

1. Are you hungry? We are carrying out nucleic acid test on all delivery riders in Beijing.

2. The riders who have close contact with the positive cases have suspended receiving orders for the first time, and now they have reached the isolation point for centralized isolation.

3. New registered riders in Beijing can only receive orders online after passing nucleic acid test.

4. In the past 20 days, we have truthfully reported the action track of the rider to Beijing CDC, and cooperated with CDC to actively investigate. Citizens who have not received official information need not worry too much.

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