Wang Zhiwen: elegant and profound, gentleman style, 33 years of drama sea ups and downs, 7 sections of emotion achievements old drama bone

 Wang Zhiwen: elegant and profound, gentleman style, 33 years of drama sea ups and downs, 7 sections of emotion achievements old drama bone

But in acting, Ive seen what is unity of human and drama, such as Wang Zhiwen.

But you have to admit that in this world, there is a talent. Some people dont need to be very diligent to do a good job.

Of course, if they work hard, creativity is extraordinary. For example, Messi and Ronaldo in football, James and Bryant in basketball, etc.

Watching Wang Zhiwens acting always makes people feel very natural and casual, and there will be a sense of inexplicable substitution.

Because, he will integrate himself into the character, as the Sanskrit says: no mind, no mind, two things I forget. Its also what Qi alloy great Xia said that there is no way to win.

Unlike many actors, they will analyze the role. Wang Zhiwen no, I am who I am, and the role is myself.

In addition, Wang Zhiwens excellent lines are enough to make him stand in the cast of the powerful group.

[02] philosopher Wang Zhiwen

Wang Zhiwen has performed many classic plays, such as addiction, no regrets tracking, Criminal Police nature, black ice, including big husband performed by his partner Li Xiaoran in 2013.

However, Wang Zhiwen, on his own, is enough to support the play.

In the play, he plays Ding Yuanying, a hifi enthusiast, operator and philosopher. I dont have a high demand for sound quality, but I cant hear the difference. However, the rhythm and distant artistic conception of the daughter of heaven really moved me.

Art can wash the mind.

And Ding Yuanyings pursuit of art, like his philosophic theory, has very original views and even challenges the secular world.

For example, when it comes to family affection, Ding Yuanying said that if raising children is for the purpose of preventing old age, then family affection is purposeful. Since it is purposeful, it is the relationship between investment and return. Parents are natural creditors. As soon as their children are born, they have to bear such debts.

The real kinship should be pure, that is, the relationship between father and son, rather than turning it into a virtue.

This is the indeterminacy of law, and the existence determines consciousness.

Ding Yuanying had an ex-wife who left him almost despairing of life.

Therefore, in his eyes, it has become a collision of two cultures, or even two classes, which cannot be persuaded.

And this disdain is not to despise, just like a little bird eating a handful of millet, he disdains to catch it. This kind of person with a clear bone is either lonely all his life, or the person he meets matches his match.

Otherwise, living with anyone is torture to oneself.

Fortunately, Wang Zhiwen finally found it.

In 1984, Wang Zhiwen was admitted to Beijing Film Academy and met Lin Fangbing, a senior sister two times higher than himself.

At that time, Lin Fangbing was the best hostess of the Golden Eagle Award, and his partner Chen Baoguo performed the love song of the valley. She is from Suzhou, with both talent and natural beauty, which is fatal to the young Wang Zhiwen, so he soon fell in love with her.

But the relationship lasted less than two years before it broke up. Until 1987, Wang Zhiwen appeared in the first TV series of his life, Revelation of London, and met model pan Jie.

After the two are together, Wang Zhiwen helps her with her homework as much as he can. If she wants to enter Beiying, he will support her as long as she has activities.

Maybe many people are strange. Strictly speaking, Wang Zhiwen is not a handsome man. He has a thin, rickety, and even a little hunchback, which is very popular with girls.

In 1988, after graduating from Beiying, Wang Zhiwen went to China Opera Research Institute, and then met Xu Fan.

Wang Zhiwen, who has gradually matured, is fascinated by many girls in the Chinese opera because of his male charm. Soon after, Xu Fan and Wang Zhiwen began their love between teachers and students.

At that time, it was not a blessed love, but also the traditional concept of order. But Xu Fan, regardless of the fact, moved to live with Wang Zhiwen directly. It can be seen that love is sometimes blind.

Finally, the relationship ended with a break-up. After leaving Wang Zhiwen, Xu Fan met Feng Xiaogang, but at that time, there were already people around Feng Dao, but Xu Fan had to wait for seven years to be supported.

During this period, Wang Zhiwen and Tian Zhuangzhuang, the director, spread rumors, which accelerated the process of breaking up.

In 1992, Wang Zhiwen met Xu Qing, which may also be a transitional period of love, so the love was founded on the basis of inequality at the beginning.

This relationship ended in nothing.

On April 1, 2008, Wang Zhiwen ended his emotional wandering, married actor Chen Jianhong and found the true love of life.

In fact, it is not difficult to see that Wang Zhiwen is a person who has high requirements for himself and others.

After graduating from Beiying, he went to work as a teacher in Zhongxi opera. In his heart, he had a innate sense of superiority, which was spiritual, so it was inevitable that he would give people a sense of high standing.

This momentum has been shown at a glance in Wang Zhiwens works. To tell you the truth, there are many plays, all supported by Wang Zhiwen alone. Its not that the actor who plays is not good enough, but that he always feels that he doesnt play well.

Especially some young actors, like Duan Yihong, dare to fight Wang Zhiwens eyes in the play. Its just a little bit worse, but at that time, the old Duan just started.

And other young actors who have cooperated with Wang Zhiwen are not so brave to play with him. For example, in the 2018 hit return, some people say that Wang Zhiwen supported the whole play by a table and a phone.

Although Luo Jin and Tang Yan are also very good, they always think they can be a little better than the old actors who are already the third supporting roles.

Now, Wang Zhiwen, 54, is still struggling in the front line of acting, which can bring us some surprises from time to time. However, his work output is really not high, and he is also very picky about the play, more of which is to challenge himself.

Im looking forward to Mr. Wang Zhiwens next play. Its very important to watch his play.


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