TAs emotional experience is rich. Will he still love me with all his heart?

 TAs emotional experience is rich. Will he still love me with all his heart?

Its love field Xiaobai

Or experienced veteran

Without your participation?

The famous beginning of Durass lover, I love your battered face more than your face at that time.. This is not understandable without experience.

We fall in love with one person, in fact, we fall in love with all his predecessors. What ta looks like now is the result of all the emotional experiences of the past.

Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda are probably the most famous partners in literary history. Zelda was less than 20 years old and married young master Fei. At the age of 23, the couple went to Paris. Hemingway mentioned two things in the moving saints Day: first, when young Fei wanted to write, the girl would take him everywhere and stop him from living safely; second, the girl lied to young Fei, saying that he had a problem with his male function, and that he would believe it if no other woman wanted it. Hemingway summed up the girls temperament as vultures do not want to share food..

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For example, when master Fei wrote the Great Gatsby, Zelda just went swimming on the beach and went to the ball. After meeting a man, he came back to divorce him - even the man himself did not know Zelda would divorce for him. Master Fei later concluded that the woman had a dramatic need, and she was the victim of her strange dream. Life is like a play. Shes really in the play. Later Zelda fell ill. He wrote semi autobiographical novels to make trouble with young Fei. He wanted to dance day and night, enter a mental hospital, force young Fei to be a drunkard, and finally die early, etc.


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Without Borges mother, perhaps Mr Borgess emotional experience would be more normal But his work, obviously, will not be what it is now.

According to Maugham, Stendhal had a lovers love for his mother who died early. Later, he went into the social circle and wanted to hook up with girls, but he couldnt express himself when he thought of good words. He was short and fat, so his love was not smooth. Maugham thought that he usually didnt hook up with girls for lust, but for vanity. For a long time, others guessed that he was frigid, until they found out that he wrote some gorgeous love letters to mistresses. If he is not a great novelist, he can easily be classified as an erotic and obscene man.

Flaubert fell in love with Mrs. Schlesinger at the age of 15. By the time Mr. Schlesinger died in 1871, Flaubert - 35 years after he first met Mrs. Schlesinger - had written her first love letter.

Tolstoys wife is a master of management, but she is possessive. Tolstoys fans often complain that Mrs. Tolstoy has controlled her husband so that he cant get comfortable. Balzac had a lot of mistresses who were tortured by separation and reunion. Tchaikovsky had a rich woman patron, but when the rich woman stopped patronizing him, he broke down.

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Lets not talk about the masters, but about every ordinary person:

People often have a misunderstanding: they always hope that their object is a piece of white paper, so that they can completely own it; even if there are some past, its better to be indifferent. This kind of thinking is ideal, but often overlooked: everyone, good or bad, is carved from the past experience. Everyones perseverance is tempered by previous painful experience. Time and experience make them what they are now. No one is born with his or her hands full, and when he or she is a child, he or she can always find the most innocent and chaotic moment. And they will eventually become what they are today, which is the taste of time - good and bad, are all gifts of time, and will continue to change in the flow of time.

You cant cut an experience off the other person, or force the other person to break an existing relationship. Its hard to identify what experiences make you like about each other. So try to accept everything. People who are not smart will lose themselves in the long experience; people who are smart will learn from even unhappy emotional experience and become better people - so you dont need to avoid experience, because many experiences will make each other better people.