Xiong Ling: road blocks the heart

 Xiong Ling: road blocks the heart

There is no relevant clinical research and diagnostic classification of road rage in the medical field, because it is only a social phenomenon, not a category of human pathology study. But I dont think its important to define road rage scientifically. Whats important is that the fact that people are angry because of road block is enough to warn people to pay attention to your emotions and control your anger.

If the automobile age symbolizes the progress of civilization, then road rage is the inevitable cost of civilization. Because, first of all, we need to understand that in an era of overcrowding, there are naturally overcrowded vehicles. When people are stuck in traffic, blocked roads and blocked targets, they naturally feel as if they are on pins and needles, squatting in confinement, and their hearts are blocked and flustered. Heart block is bound to have a series of symptoms of anger injures the liver. Therefore, traffic jams will lead to road rage. Traffic jams are the inevitable result of overcrowding. But if people experience road jams and heart block for a long time, they should be careful to suffer from road rage.

The medical psychology of type a character calls type a character as one who is serious, stubborn, has a sense of time urgency, is easily provoked and emotional, has decisive and vigorous behavior style. Type A is the most likely cause of road rage.

People who are sensitive, fragile or impulsive always show the characteristics of lacking self-confidence, tolerance, being sensitive and suspicious, being frustrated or attacked irrationally in case of small setbacks. In the case of traffic jams, they may be restrained due to normal anger and easily induce sensitive and impulsive characters and emotions.

How to go without anger

Any behavior of human has its own purpose. When people are in the process of reaching the goal, they are forced to limit their freedom of behavior. They must be impatient, depressed or resentful. But we can do it: we can feel resentment and stay calm. As long as you are willing, as long as you love life, you can and must go on the road without anger.

Learning to manage emotions is the animal of emotions. When the desire is frustrated, there must be negative emotions, but people are also rational animals. They can not be controlled by emotions, but also can control their own emotions and behaviors. Irritable people just lack rational emotional control, so they can adhere to the principle of emotional management to train and improve their self-control ability. The principle (ability) of emotion management is embodied in: when the negative emotions such as anger come, dont avoid - can face up to the emotions, accept the emotions; dont suppress - can release without harm, will feel the anger to things not to people; dont blame - can face up to and transform the emotions; dont complain - can tolerate and pacify the emotions.

The cultivation of personality and mentality is about the things that are easy to start with. In ancient times, there were rivers and mountains are easy to move and nature is hard to change. But no matter how difficult it is, as long as we know its root cause, there is a way out. Road rage, we know that the root of the disease is not in the traffic jam itself, but in the drivers A-type character or bad mentality, then, if you dont go on the road with anger and dont get angry when the road is blocked, you can only improve your personality and correct your mentality.

For the irritable and irritable people (especially the type a personality), first of all, we need to change the characteristics of impetuosity and fast action, and demand that everything be slowed down: eating, speaking, walking, time, thinking, desire In short, thinking slow down is the foundation of your long and healthy life.

Exercise several abilities:

The ability to accept loss includes the ability to give up. Many people know that if there is loss in life, there will be gain, there will be loss, but not many people can do it. For the irritable, because of the lack of ability to delay gratification, they can only accept gain and cant bear loss. In case of any dissatisfaction, they will feel as if they have lost something, or they will be depressed or angry.

So the irritable need to learn, and when you meet a need, you have to accept a loss. For example, when you realize the need to own a fragrant car, meet the sense of achievement and control brought by driving, you must accept the necessary traffic jams in the era of fragrant cars and the related losses it brings.

The ability of love and tolerance the wise say that anger makes people lose their judgment, and hatred destroys peoples mind. In the same way, love makes people have wisdom, tolerance makes people calm and calm.

The ability to calm down is the fickle environment. You may have many fickle people, but do you lack a calm heart? If you are often irritable, then for your health, you need to learn to practice your meditation ability.