Warning! Maradona and a woman suddenly take off their pants

 Warning! Maradona and a woman suddenly take off their pants

In the video, Maradona, the old king of the ball, dances with the rhythm. It can be seen that Maradona is still very devoted. Then, Maradona takes a ladys hand and they dance together. The old horses face is expressionless and swings his body with the rhythm of the music.

While jumping, Maradona made a strange move, that is, he took off his pants and exposed his hips, and the filmmaker specifically gave such details.

Maradona pulled down his pants while dancing, and the Argentine star continued to make headlines because of his antics, the Spanish media Marca said

The fans have a heated discussion about the strange behavior of the old horse. One fan said humorously, this is a good chance to flatter. Another fan said, apart from playing football, its really nothing. Maybe god added all his skill points to playing football

Maradona is 59 years old. At such an age, he is as wayward as when he was young. Such a king is really unpredictable. But thats what the old horse was like when he was young. He used drugs, shot journalists and was involved with gangs. In a word, the old horse was definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp.

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