When the Premier League Manager becomes a woman: guashuai looks like Cheryl altta looks like MJ

 When the Premier League Manager becomes a woman: guashuai looks like Cheryl altta looks like MJ

1. Klopper

Klopper kept his original flavor, big glasses and informal smile. Although its said that the long hair is flowing and there is no iconic scum, Liverpool fans can see that its klopper himself at a glance.

2. Guardiola

Perhaps it can only be said that the amount of hair has affected his beauty. Guardiola is described as beautiful after his long hair is flowing. On the sidelines, Guardiola has attracted many female admirers with her dark appearance and classic dress style. Guardiola is sexy and enchanting when she is transformed into a woman. The sun is also outspoken, which has a certain taste of Cheryl.

3. Lampard

Lampards season at Chelsea has been a success, as has the womens version. When Lampard, with long hair and white skin, walks in front of you, can you not be moved?

4. Mourinho

Mourinhos Lady is still the most special one, with red lips and blonde hair. After seeing such a shape, Mourinho is expected to be infatuated with self-confidence again, and then say the most special one in front of the media again.

5. Solskjaer

Baby face and blonde hair floating directly collide, this is the female version of Solskjaer. However, it seems that sossaint is not so glamorous. Due to the wrinkles on his face, such Solskjaer can only be regarded as an ordinary woman.

6. Arteta

Arsenal manager Arteta also has long hair and red lips. From this point of view, Alta, who became a woman, looks very charming. However, due to the fact that Altas skin is too white, at a glance, the female version of Alta is somewhat similar to that of Michael Jackson.

7. Ancelotti

An pangpangpangs female modelling obviously cant compare with Mourinho, a blonde hair, round face and loose skin, seem to be a typical European aunt.

8. Moyes

Moyess female characteristics are also very clear, blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin. Although Moyes has the conditions of natural beauty, his female shape can only be said to be standard.

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