Iraqi Football Hero: born in coup, living in war, died of virus

 Iraqi Football Hero: born in coup, living in war, died of virus

In the context of the new crown epidemic, such things happen all the time in every corner of the world, but in Iraq, the departure of this man means that Iraq has lost the first star in its national history:

Ahmed lardy.

In order to prevent the cases of neighboring Iran from entering the border, Iraq closed the border port with Iran early. However, after June, the virus spread in Iraq.

It was in this transmission that lady unfortunately contracted the disease.

On Thursday, Ladis condition began to deteriorate rapidly. He was scheduled to be sent to Amman, Jordan, for better treatment, but the virus was eating his body faster than the plan itself.

Ladi, 56, has spent his whole life working for the cause of football in Iraq.

As a striker, he not only won a lot of trophies, but also scored the only goal of the Iraqi national team in the history of the world cup. After retiring, he appeared in the coaches of the national team and the national youth team, especially after the Iraq Iraq war, Ladi almost rebuilt Iraqi football on the ruins.

The Iraqi first striker, who let the glory of schrapuner fade and the dream of Japans world cup be postponed for four years, failed to let the virus defeat.

In the 1960s, the situation in Iraq was unpredictable.

Different political forces surged up, developed and expanded until the overthrow of the regime. Fortunately, the quarrels on the stage did not affect the enthusiasm of Iraqis for football. In 1962, Iraq had its own football league.

Just two years later, Ahmed lardy was born.

In the open space of Samara, Ladis talent in football can be shown. At a young age, he is regarded by the Saura club, which has proved to have a good vision. As a striker, lady is not strong, but he has a strong sense of goal in front of the goal, coupled with his handsome face, which makes him quickly become a new star in Middle East football.

And the moment when he really got to the altar, it happened in 1986.

That year, lardy was 22.

After more than ten years of development, a large number of talents have emerged in Iraqi football, so under the leadership of raadi, the golden generation of Iraq has killed all sides in the Asian preliminary competition. With only two seats in the Asian region, it has successfully entered the Mexico world cup.

Standing on the stage of the world cup, the young Iraqis are excited, but the strength gap is still obvious. They are all in the same group with the hosts Mexico, Paraguay and Belgium in Iraqs three wars, and they failed to qualify. However, in the match against Belgium, facing the top goalkeeper of Belgium, Pfaff, Ladi finished the Iraqi World Cup in one stroke First dream on.

For Iraqis, the summer of 1986 belonged not only to Maradona, but also to lardy.

Back in Iraq, he became a hero, but in the shadow of power, he could only live in fear.

In the 1980s, Saddam Hussein took over state power, and his son Uday became the president of the Iraqi National Olympic Committee and established the Rashid club.

Wudai is a well-known sadist, who regards torture as fun. As long as he is happy, anyone around him can become a tool to be abused by him. At the same time, he is also a perverted sexual masochist. Adultery is one of his hobbies. As long as the women he likes, none of them escape from the devils palm.


After becoming the president of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, Uday extended his black hand to Iraqi athletes, and imprisonment, torture and even murder became commonplace. In order to encourage Iraqi players and the players of the club to achieve good results, Uday has nothing to do with it.

Even the sadists most admired player, lady couldnt escape punishment. In a game, lady didnt find the feeling of shooting. As a result, after the game, he was asked by Uday to practice shooting against the concrete wall. He practiced for 15 hours before he was allowed to rest.

In another game, lady made six mistakes, and the Furious Uday ordered the soldiers to beat ladys foot six times with a cane. The soldier is also a fan of Ladi. He secretly told Ladi that he would pretend to exert himself the first five times, but he had to fight really the last time, because Uday would often check the work of the soldiers. If he found no injury, the soldiers would move their heads.

Uday receives Ladi

At that time, whenever there was a penalty shoot out, the hearts of Ladi and his teammates would speak up because he knew that Uday was watching them.

Fortunately, when Uday was concerned about football, Iraqs performance has been good.

The 1988 Seoul Olympics was also the first time for the Iraqi team. Under his leadership, Iraq defeated Zambia and Guatemala in the first two games respectively. Ladi not only scored Iraqs first goal in the Olympic Games again, but also made a good start for the team to defeat Guatemala. In the third group game, Iraq lost to Italy in the face of a good situation where they could get through in a draw, and bid farewell to the Seoul Olympics.

Although the team did not go any further, but with his excellent performance in the club and the national team, lady won the Asian football player in 1988.

It is also the first Iraqi to receive this award, and the only one so far.

Radi receives an interview from the Iraqi royal family

In the 1990s, the golden generation was in a state of fatigue, and more strong players emerged in Asian football, so Iraqi football went downhill.

But in Asia, Iraq is still one of the most powerful. In the first qualifying match of the 1994 World Cup in the United States, Iraq and China were divided into group A. as the two hot spots in the group, only the first group can qualify for the second qualifying match. As a result, in the first cycle in ibird, China lost Yemen and Iraq in the third and fourth games, and the only goal for Iraq was Ladi.

Lardy breaks through the door of the Chinese team

Although there is another round robin game, when Iraq beat China, the rest of the game is meaningless, because it is difficult to expect other opponents in the group to successfully block Iraq.

Sure enough, Iraq won in the second round of continuous battles, advanced one round, blocked Chinas team in schrapuners door, and made the final round of victory over Iraq tasteless.

In this regard, the stage of the Spring Festival Gala Shi Da Ye has become Shi cheater.

In fact, the victims of that year were not only the Chinese team.

The second stage of the preliminary competition, which is attended by the first six teams in the first stage, is also known as the top six competition. In the early 1990s, after Japans famous team defeated the traditional strong enemy South Korea, the prospect of qualification suddenly became clear.

Just as the players like Zhiliang Miura, Yoshio Kitazawa and Yashi Nakayama began to imagine the appearance of the US World Cup, in the last round of the face of Iraq, the Japanese team only need to win to embark on the journey, but the header of Ladi in the injury stoppage time put the Japanese team on the way home.

The header was just one of Ladis 121 and 62 goals in his career, but it delayed Japans World Cup debut for four years.

In his 17 years career, lady has won numerous honors in the club and the national team. However, in the golden age, ladys Club refused to offer him a bid repeatedly, which made him unable to have the experience of playing in Europe or South America.

With such regret, lady ended his career as a player.

After retiring, Ladi stepped into the coaching position. He not only coached his mother team Saura, but also served as the head coach of Iraq U20 national team. However, compared with player Ladi, the performance of coach Ladi is obviously not good enough. In the 2002 Asian Youth Championship qualifier, the Iraqi National Youth under raadi was eliminated by the United Arab Emirates.

But a year later, a lot of people in Iraq are out of football.

In 2003, the Iraq war broke out, and the war turned Iraq into ruins.

In order to give Iraqi players a chance to participate in the next years Athens Olympic Games, the Iraqi Football Association resumed its work in June when the gunfire subsided a little. They set up a three person interim team, one of which is lardy.

First, he flew to Amman, Jordan, to work out a training and warm-up schedule with the Catalan Football Association, then flew back to Iraq to contact the players who were already missing.

Because coach stanzi couldnt come to Iraq, Ladi chose 25 players for him. However, these players are old and small. Ladi is helpless about this

We have lost contact with some of the players, we cant find them at all, some of them are said to be outside Baghdad at the moment, and some of them cant find passports because of the war.

The training in Barcelona went well, and the Iraqi Football Association even donated the game revenue to the Iraqi Olympic Committee and the Red Cross.

Although the war destroyed the appearance of Iraq, it did not destroy the spirit of the Iraqis. With the strong belief of winning glory for the country, they did not fail to live up to the hard work of the front horse and rear horse of Ladis saddle, and Iraqi football began to climb a new peak.

At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Iraqs football was reborn. It defeated many powerful enemies such as Portugal and Australia, and entered the top four. At last, it lost Italy 0-1 in the bronze medal competition.

Although the chance of getting on the podium was missed, for Iraqi fans, such achievements have been a miracle:

The Olympic Games provide us with an opportunity to enter the new world.

Three years later, in the Asian Cup, Iraq shocked the world again.

At the beginning of the match, the Iraqi Football Association president said rushed into the dressing room and roared:

You have forgotten the national humiliation, the dead compatriots and relatives!

All the players were thoroughly scolded and woken up. Inspired by the spirit of patriotism, they beat Australia 3-1 in the group match, laying the foundation for qualifying. The penalty shoot out in the semi-final beat South Korea, making them enter the final venue.

In the face of Saudi Arabias old rival, Iraqi players are united, not only firmly holding their own door, but also waiting for the opportunity to write history. In the 73rd minute of the game, Younis broke the goal with his head hammer in the corner kick, becoming another Iraqi hero written in history after raadi.

This hard won champion has also inspired more Iraqis to face up to the difficulties in life.

In 2014, lardy took part in the election of members of Parliament. Although people have a little stronger confidence in athletes than politicians, lardy failed.

Radys campaign ad on the street

As for why Ladi turned from sports to politics, perhaps Samad, who also competed for honor at the Olympic Games with the Iraqi flag before, could explain the question:

There are no athletes in parliament, so there are no laws and institutions to organize Iraqi sports.

In 2018, in the new parliamentary election, lardy was successfully elected, but he has not yet waited for him to continue to serve Iraqi football at a higher level. Two years later, the new crown virus knocked on his home.

In a way, Ladis life is the best portrayal of Iraqi football.

When Ladi was just born, Iraq had just set up its own football league; when Ladi had his dream, the real sense of the Super League in Iraq opened; when Ladi became famous, he helped Saura and Rasheed become the overlord of the Super League in Iraq, and also put themselves on a higher stage.

With the golden generation, Iraqi football has achieved the breakthrough of zero in the world cup and the Olympic Games, and Ahmed radhi has become the most famous name among them.

At that time, the Iraqi fans were undoubtedly happy.

Located in a critical place in the Middle East, Iraq is always out of touch with stability.

There are a lot of dark tides at home and abroad. For the sake of the national football cause, the dedicated Ladi can only mediate around and try his best to protect Iraqi football, just like a little boy protecting his beloved toy.

Fortunately, Iraqi football has never let Ladi down, even in the most difficult times.

There was a saying in the Iraqi team:

Every day in our country, people die in battle, but no one has ever added shame to the country on the football field. Even if they die, they must die with dignity!

After lardys death

Iraqi fans sent him off with this painting

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