Adriano announced his engagement 10 days ago after breaking up with his 17-year-old girlfriend

 Adriano announced his engagement 10 days ago after breaking up with his 17-year-old girlfriend

In the era of players, Adriano has made brilliant achievements. He has played in flamenco, Inter Milan, Parma, Roma, Corinthians and other teams. In Inter Milan, Adriano is known as the king of Inter. For Brazil, Adriano also won the Copa America and the Confederations Cup. Adriano, at his peak, is like a tank on the pitch. Hes the trouble of all defenders. However, due to Adrianos weak willpower, he never recovered after his fathers death and was addicted to alcohol and women, which made his career golden period very short.

Adriano has two marriages and three children. At the end of 2019, ad went to visit Itaperuna, a small mountainous city in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, he met a female student named Victoria Morera. They were 17 years younger than each other, but they fell in love with each other and soon began to communicate. During that time, they left a lot of loving moments.

Ten days ago, Adriano was engaged to his girlfriend. He posted photos of himself and his girlfriend wearing wedding rings on social networking sites. They looked very happy. They had a Bible in their hands. At that time, Adriano wrote, we are engaged. In the peace of God, we are very happy.

However, after the engagement, somehow, there should be a conflict between them, which caused the two to break up, and Adriano confirmed on the social network that he is currently single. In addition, Adriano issued an INS, accusing morela of hypocrisy.

Brazilian media didnt disclose the reason why Adriano and Morella broke up. It can only be said that Adrianos decision is still a bit hasty, I dont know if they are likely to get back together.

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