NATOs test flight of the Global Hawk drone in the Mediterranean

 NATOs test flight of the Global Hawk drone in the Mediterranean

The first global hawk drone to arrive in Sicily last November

It is reported that the test flight of the UAV belongs to the NATO joint ground surveillance system, which consists of five rq-4d Global Hawk UAVs, which are jointly owned by 15 NATO member states.

NATO officials were quoted as saying the drones could be used to monitor and detect the surrounding areas of NATO in the future, including the south, East and Middle East of Europe. These drones give us the ability to gather intelligence outside European airspace. The official said.

Of all the five drones, two were delivered in November last year, and the rest are scheduled to be delivered this summer. The drones will be deployed in Sicily, Italy.

However, this springs new outbreak prompted air controls in Europe, which could delay delivery and flight tests. But NATO officials say the outbreak will only delay the process for a few weeks and will not have much impact.

At present, UAV is stepping up test flight to obtain European airworthiness certificate and put into use as soon as possible.

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