India urges Russia to speed up the delivery of S400 system

 India urges Russia to speed up the delivery of S400 system

Rajnath Singh, Indias defense minister, is due to visit Russia soon. One of the important contents is urging Russia to speed up the delivery of the $5.2 billion S400 air defense system, the report said.

Russian S-400 air defense missile system

According to business insider, Indias rush to acquire the S400 is because China already has the system. In 2014, China entered into a transaction contract with Russia and became the first importer of S400 air defense system. In August 2018, China has completed the deployment of S400 system and conducted a test launch.

India and Russia reached novel coronavirus pneumonia contracts in 2019, which were originally planned to complete the delivery in late 2021. However, some sources said that delivery could be postponed to 2025 due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The report said that the S400 systems radar can detect at least 600 kilometers, and the missile range can reach 400 kilometers. It has a certain degree of detection ability for stealth aircraft, as well as relatively low price, which are the reasons why India is eager to obtain the equipment.

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