The second-hand car market is changing again: the offline is temporarily quiet and the online situation is rising again

 The second-hand car market is changing again: the offline is temporarily quiet and the online situation is rising again

Before, the normal life track was to sell cars on the platform during the day, and take some short videos as self media when free. Because the companys shop in Linghai is temporarily closed, the companys work is suspended at the moment, tiktok and headlines have only recently been broadcast live. On June 22, BOGO admitted in an interview with 21st century economic reporter that many second-hand car dealers in Huaxiang had closed their doors to thank customers in consideration of the need of epidemic prevention and control.

From the video released by Bogor on the 19th, it can be seen that although the second-hand car market is still in normal operation, apart from Bogor and his party, the whole second-hand car market in Huaxiang can hardly see the people who are coming to watch cars.

At present, we are still in normal business, and customers will not be affected if they come to see the car. As long as health treasure and ID card are ready, they can enter the market, but the number of people who come to see the car has been greatly reduced. On June 20, a staff member of a certified second-hand car dealer told reporters that if there is a demand for a car, you can first see whether there is an intention to buy a model online, and then go to the store to buy it.

The demand for trading has declined in recent days. Then the second-hand car dealers will face the off-season of the market, which is very difficult for many second-hand car dealers. BOGO told reporters, of course, there are many second-hand car dealers who have changed a sales mode and choose to sell cars live online.

In fact, even without the impact of the epidemic, many Huaxiang second-hand car dealers have already begun to retreat since last year, with the trend of the downward trend of the car market, the price reduction of new cars, the implementation of the sixth national standard, the rush of second-hand car e-commerce and the continuous dilution of profits.

Small car business is difficult to resist risks

As an important link connecting the whole life cycle of automobile, the circulation of second-hand car is an important measure to activate the stock of automobile, promote the increment of new car, drive the development of market and promote the consumption of new car. Compared with the developed automobile market, the domestic second-hand car circulation system is still in a relatively early stage. Small, scattered and disorderly retail investors have become an important part of Chinas second-hand car industry.

Even though it successfully survived the impact of the second-hand car e-commerce platform in 2013, many second-hand car companies have to bow to the car market this year.

It is understood that for the second-hand car dealers operating in Huaxiang, the rent of parking space and the interest generated by the bank loan or auto finance for car collection are the biggest expenses. Only when the profit wins the cost, can the second-hand car dealers survive.

BOGO told reporters that after the Spring Festival, under the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the second-hand car market in Huaxiang has issued three notices to postpone the opening of the business, and it was not until March 8 that the purchase business in the business zone was opened to the outside world. All businesses, customers and vehicle transfer businesses entering the market need to make an appointment one day in advance. In a long period of time, only two staff members are allowed in a booth, and no more than 10 people are allowed to enter the trading hall.

And no traffic means no trading. According to the data of China Automobile Circulation Association, from January to May this year, affected by the epidemic situation and other factors, 4.2918 million second-hand cars have been traded in China, down 23.60% year-on-year, with a total trading amount of 26.5679 billion yuan, down 25.22% year-on-year.

For the large exhibition hall selling luxury cars and high-quality cars, the annual rent will be several million yuan; for the north area of the trading market, a small office and 20 parking spaces will be rented, and the annual rent will be four and a half million yuan; for another, in an open-air public area in Huaxiang, each parking space will cost tens of thousands of yuan a year. BOGO calculated a sum of account for the reporter, now the car dealers in the market have survived the last few months. Who knows that there are many big second-hand car dealers in the market who say they cant hold on to it. Even many small second-hand car dealers choose to close their doors and change careers.

Second hand car dealers seeking transformation

The impact is certain, but the negative impact of the epidemic on used car dealers will not last for long, and all the impacts are temporary. On June 22, Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Circulation Association, said in an interview with reporters.

For this years second-hand car market sales trend, Luo Lei is expected to be the same as last year, there are still some difficulties.

From the current data, the first five months of this year are negative growth, and it is difficult to fill in the pit in the second half of this year, but anyway, the whole used car market is gradually improving.

In the epidemic prevention and control stage, Luo Lei suggested that second-hand car dealers use effective communication tools to make friends, accumulate popularity and pave the way for future transactions.

At present, when the offline transaction is blocked, the second-hand car dealers use short video and live broadcast to do online marketing, which has good effect, and is a relatively high efficiency and low cost marketing communication mode. Luo Lei pointed out.

Even in a bad environment, some people make money in business and some lose money. Even if the second-hand car market transaction is affected so much, there are still car dealers who can sell more than ten cars every day. Brother Kwai told reporters all in one service, there was a anchor of Beijing car king with about 2000000 fans. It was a second-hand car dealer in Linghai. Every night, the live car was used to broadcast second-hand cars in the underground car park, facing the fans nationwide, and then the online transaction was conducted. The car dealer transferred from the archives to the door-to-door car to provide a one-stop service.

Of course, in Bogors view, not every used car dealer can sell cars online. In addition to the credit endorsement of the long-term off-line transactions of second-hand car dealers, they also need to accumulate fans and traffic.

Kwai selling cars in Linghai, such as tiktok and jitter, are sold by hundreds of thousands of second-hand car dealers, but there are two or three of them.

Of course, this is also a required course for many used car dealers when they are on the transition line.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Yang Bin_ NF4368