44 launches are 100percent successful. This rocket helps Beidou to complete global networking

 44 launches are 100percent successful. This rocket helps Beidou to complete global networking

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (hereinafter referred to as the academy) affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the long march 3A series rocket, which has the most launch times and the highest success rate in high orbit in China at present, and has the reputation of gold rocket. Since October 31, 2000, the first Beidou navigation test satellite in China was launched by the Chang San Jia series of rockets, 44 launches have been carried out so far, 59 Beidou navigation satellites have been successfully escorted into the air, with a success rate of 100%.

Long march 3B rocket ready for launch

Rocket hoisting

Independent innovation: let the rocket fly further

The long march 3A series launch vehicles are composed of three large cryogenic liquid launch vehicles: Long March 3a, long march 3b and long march 3C.

As the only navigation system composed of three kinds of orbiting satellites in the world, Beidou navigation satellite has very high requirements for the rocket to carry out its launch mission. The characteristics of strong adaptability and multiple service orbits make the long 3A series rocket stand out.

The innovation of the long triple a series of rockets and the development of Beidou navigation system complement each other. In order to meet the requirements of different stages of Beidou networking, the research and development team has carried out a lot of technical innovation work in order to better complete the launch task of Beidou navigation project. Jiang Jie said.

According to Jiang Jie, when the long 3A series rockets received the Beidou launch mission, they only had the ability to launch geostationary orbit satellites. In order to meet the needs of Beidou construction, the research and development team carried out the research and development represented by the geosynchronous transfer orbit, central circle orbit and other orbit design technologies for Beidou navigation project launch, and designed the orbit with southeast direction, while meeting the two-way needs of the project for the launch capacity of the rocket and the deployment of the satellite orbit.

With the continuous development of the Beidou navigation system, the Chang three series Rockets have innovating the use of the three mode receiver compatible with the Beidou satellite navigation system. Jiang Jie said that the so-called three modes refer to the three navigation modes of Beidou, GPS and goral. The three modes will complement each other, improve the accuracy of rocket flight into orbit and reduce the consumption of satellite propellant.

Independent innovation is the fundamental driving force and outlet for the development of aerospace industry. Under the guidance of national major scientific research projects represented by Beidou navigation project, the rocket development team took independent innovation as an important starting point and solved a series of complex engineering and technical problems. At the same time, through independent innovation, it has not only exercised the will of the team, but also trained talents, effectively promoted the sustainable development of the aerospace industry, and laid a solid foundation for the construction of the aerospace power. Said Li Minghua, Secretary of the Party committee of the rocket Academy.

Innovation mode: let the rocket fly more stably

According to Cen Zheng, commander in chief of the long march 3A series of rockets of the rocket academy, in order to adapt to the high-density launch of Beidou navigation satellite, the research and development team has formed a set of development and production management mode to adapt to the batch production and high-density launch, so as to meet the needs of Beidou Navigation Engineering and rocket development.

CEN Zheng introduced that since the end of 2017, Beidou global networking has entered the fast lane, especially in the 133 days from July 10, 2018 to November 19, 2018, long march 3A series Rockets have been launched seven times, successfully putting 12 Beidou navigation satellites into orbit. The average rocket launch interval is only 19 days, creating a record of high-density launch in Beidou network. CEN Zhengs Theory

In addition to de tasking, the R & D team is also constantly improving standards in technical status management and risk control to ensure the success of the task. In the aspect of technology state management, the research and development team summed it up as invariant management and change part management. According to each task, strengthen the quantitative control of product production, assembly and test, optimize the process quantitative control and quality quantitative control. In terms of risk analysis and risk management and control, the research and development team has established a set of quality management system to adapt to high-density tasks. Through systematic and refined management, it can ensure that the long 3A series rockets are at a high reliable and high-quality level, and that the Beidou navigation project can be successfully quickly networked.

A variety of measures: to ensure the launch success rate of 100%?

At the technical level, the design of control system is particularly important. In order to meet the needs of the task, we improve the redundancy of the control system, which significantly improves the reliability and task adaptability of the control system. Since 2000, the Triple-A rocket started the rate gyro redundancy. After more than 10 years of development, the rocket has realized the dual inertial redundancy + satellite navigation composite guidance, and the mission adaptability and reliability of the control system have been greatly improved.

At the management level, in the face of unprecedented high-density launch challenges and shortage of personnel and equipment, we have carried out the first batch production and use of duplex bit cross parallel comprehensive test, general assembly and factory test in China, and for the first time realized the test launch of two firing arrows by a team in the launch site at the same time.

The technical starting point of the long-distance and triple-A rocket series is very high. The design scheme always implements the design idea of serialization, combination and generalization. The long-distance and triple-A rocket, long-distance and Triple-B rocket and long-distance and triple-c rocket series are optimized in modularization, combination and integration, and the development mode based on the long-distance and triple-A rocket is determined. Before that, the rocket was customized from project approval to re launch. One rocket is fixed to one satellite. In order to keep the development of the rocket from being constrained by the task, we de tasked the rocket, which means that after the completion of the general assembly of the single-stage rocket and single engine rocket, we can flexibly adjust the launch tasks they undertake, as long as the interface between the satellite and the rocket is consistent, aiming at As long as the specific task is to adjust the software, the quality control is easier.

Long march 3B rocket in the factory building

Long march 3B rocket tested in the factory

Space spirit: supporting the new height of space development

As the only special vehicle for Beidou navigation engineering construction, the long triple a series of Rockets should not only stabilize the technical state, control the influence scope of the change, but also innovate and improve continuously in the development process, so as to improve the adaptability and reliability of the Rockets, which was once regarded as the challenge of you cant have it both with your hands.

Hu Wei, a 46 year old aerospace veteran, still clearly remembers the teachings of a senior: when you do your work every day, you feel strange, inexplicable, and dont understand, its not terrible to ask others, which shows that you are improving; but when you are familiar with the work every day and know how to do it with your eyes closed, you should be alert at this time, because Youre probably standing where you are.

In order to have both fish and bears paw, he led the overall design team with an average age of less than 30 years at that time. In just a few years, he completed a number of technical breakthroughs represented by multi window launch technology and composite guidance technology, and solved the research and development problems such as improving the launch capacity of low-temperature rocket, long-time parking after low-temperature refueling, etc. Seeing that the long three class a series has achieved 100% success in Beidou launch, Hu Wei said, we should always keep young mentality, innovative courage and impulse!

Behind the success of the rocket is the fact that tens of thousands of spacemen are quietly holding on to their posts in the aerospace industry, with no surprises or honors.

Chen Yanguang, a former chief designer of the overall network and power measurement and control system of the long march three a series carrier rocket, died of illness in July 2012 at the age of 54.

In the last time of his life, he couldnt let go of his work. On the morning of July 5, 2012, one of his colleagues received a text message: how is the progress of the cable transformation? Colleagues are very surprised. It seems that Chens operation is very successful. He can care about the progress of the project again.

Dont go home for lunch today. The meeting is in charge of the meal. At noon on July 5, 2012, his wife received such a message from Chen Yanguang. Wife is very puzzled: just finished brain tumour operation how can he go to a meeting?

What Chen Yanguangs colleagues and family never thought of was that these two messages were the last two messages he sent out before his death.

Later, Chens doctor in charge solved the mystery: because the patients affected the nerves, they often had some hallucinations. In the hallucinations, the patients would go back to the moment or the most concerned things. Chen Yanguangs last two messages are exactly what he cant put down. He said that the production progress of the modified cable is the development of the overall network and the power measurement and control system of the long march 3A series rocket.

The second year after Chen Yanguang left, the long march 3B rocket lifted up the 14th and 15th Beidou navigation satellites and launched successfully. The overall rocket network and power measurement and control system he and his colleagues were responsible for were verified. This work fills in the blank of the long-distance test mode of the power system of the launch vehicle in China. The effect of the launch was as good as he had imagined countless times.

To build a space power, we need the scientific pursuit of bravely climbing the summit and the lofty realm of selfless dedication. The development of Chinas space industry is exactly the same as those unknown devotees who have been dedicated to the mission for more than ten years. They have successfully fulfilled the initial aspiration and mission of the space newspaper country and written a new chapter in the construction of the space power. Said long Lehao, chief designer of launch vehicle series of the rocket academy and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering.

The starry sky is where the human heart goes, and the rocket is the ladder to realize the dream. Long triple a series Rockets will surely provide a more solid foundation for the Chinese dream of exploring space.

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