Big shareholders cash out scares technology giants, which are also reducing their holdings

 Big shareholders cash out scares technology giants, which are also reducing their holdings

In the morning of June 23, ZTEs a shares and Hong Kong shares fell sharply. By midday, ZTE (a share) shares had fallen 4.81%, one-day decline reached a new high in nearly three months, ZTE Hong Kong shares fell more than 5%, and the total market value of a + H shares had evaporated by 9 billion yuan. According to the data of capital flow, in early trading, ZTEs net capital outflow reached 677 million yuan, ranking first among a shares.

Just last week, ZTE also made a chip Wulong, and the design of chip was mistakenly regarded as the manufacturing of chip. Because the company publicized 5nm chip is being introduced on the interactive platform, the share price of a share once rose by more than 15%, and the share price of H share soared by more than 35%. As a result, the company issued a clarification announcement over the weekend, saying that it did not have chip production capacity, and then issued a reduction announcement, leading to a direct rout of the stock price.

Large shareholder ZTE new communications multiple high-level cash out

ZTE new communication has reduced its holdings in the first and second quarters of 2019. From the end of the second quarter of last year as the starting point, the share price at the end of June 2019 was 32.53 yuan, while the share price at the end of 2018 was less than 20 yuan. Since the second quarter of this year, ZTE has reduced its holdings many times through block trading. On June 22, ZTEs share price has risen to more than 42 yuan. In the morning of June 23, ZTEs A-share price dropped to about 40 yuan. From the point of view of the reduction time, ZTEs shares are all at a high level.

It is very common for important shareholders of listed companies to reduce their holdings, and it is not uncommon for high-level shareholders to reduce their holdings. According to statistics of securities times u00b7 databao, in the second quarter of this year, 931 important shareholders of the company reduced their holdings, involving 1531 shareholders.

There are 14 shareholders with a cash out amount of more than 10 million, including guochuangyuan equity investment fund (limited partnership), a shareholder of Jinyu medicine, which has reduced 2.8278 million shares and cash out amount of more than 45 million yuan. The shareholder began to reduce his shares since the end of last year. The last reduction occurred in June this year. Jinyu medicine mainly involves gene sequencing in anti epidemic. Since the second quarter of this year, the stock price has increased by more than 45%.

Beijing Beiming Weiye Holding Co., Ltd., a major shareholder of Changshan Beiming, ranked the second place with cash out of over 30 million yuan. The companys share price has risen 14.4% since the second quarter. The company involves network security, domestic software, Huawei and other popular concepts. Both Huasheng Tiancheng and Jinkes large shareholders sets of cash are more than 25 million yuan, and their share prices have performed generally since the second quarter. In addition, the cash amount of major shareholders of Dabei agriculture, Rendong holding and Shengbang Co., Ltd. exceeded 15 million yuan.

How about the performance of the stock price after the reduction? According to the statistics of data treasure, the stock prices of Huasheng Tiancheng, Xinghu technology and Xinhuanet have all declined since the reduction, and the latter two shares have declined by more than 10%. However, after the majority of important shareholders reduced their holdings, the impact of the stock price was not significant. For example, the share price of Jinyu Medical Co., Ltd. rose 14.69% on June 3, June 22, and the share price of Shengbang Co., Ltd., Dabei Agriculture Co., Ltd. and miaokelanduo Co., Ltd. has risen more than 20% since the reduction.

As can be seen from the above analysis, most of the time, the impact on the stock price will not be too great, especially the blue chip stocks. According to data treasure statistics, among the above shares, the share price rose after the reduction, and only 8 technology stocks were expected to have good performance in the report.

In addition, the median increase of net profit of Hanwei technology and Dongshan precision is more than 30%, and Ziguang Co., Ltd. is expected to report a slight increase in net profit. (data treasure Zhang JUANJUAN)

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