Zheng Xiuwen: give full support to Xu Zhians comeback, is it worth only knowing

 Zheng Xiuwen: give full support to Xu Zhians comeback, is it worth only knowing


In the emotional world, the third is not necessarily the initiator. However, it is often the third party that hurts the most. And the most innocent, of course, is the one who was betrayed. Its not easy for Zheng Xiuwen. I grew up listening to her songs. She changed from a plump girl to a thin but muscular girl, not only the change of her appearance - she had always been devoted to Xu Zhian. Even if there was a short break-up, she was waiting. In other words, she didnt think of anyone except Xu Zhian. Such a woman is pitiful and lovely.

Xu Zhian came out to apologize. He made many mistakes that men would make. And forgive him? Others say it doesnt count. As long as Zheng Xiuwen forgives him, the whole world can let him go. After Zheng Xiuwen calmed down, he made the most prudent choice. Be willing to forgive and face together. This reminds me of Zhou Huimin, who also chose to forgive her partner. What happened to Hong Kong women in those years? It looks very tough on the outside, but its as soft as white and holy feathers on the inside. Ni Zhens to Zhou Huimin and Xu Zhians to Zheng Xiuwen are betrayers in the emotional world.


Zhou Huimins forgiveness makes people sigh - without Ni Zhen, Zhou Huimin cant succeed today. So I dare to say to you, my partner can definitely make this mistake, and I am the only one who is qualified to make a conclusion. Seeing the commitment my partner made to me afterwards, I immediately forgave him. Well, I understand. This is her way of expressing her feelings. Her understanding is because she feels that the other party can afford to make this mistake. After that, Zhou Huimin and Ni Zhen got married. You think that the so-called time is quiet and good, and the world is safe and stable, which is her inner conviction.


Wheres Xu Zhian? Because Zheng Xiuwen just joined the entertainment circle for Xu Zhian. Its the biggest ideal in his life to marry him, right? There will be mistakes everywhere you love. I hope its not me. In fact, there is no retreat in my heart. Follow your mistakes and follow you. Zheng Xiuwen has a song called worth it, which can really represent her mood and her point of view. The news of Xu Zhians comeback came out here. Zheng Xiuwen expressed his support at the first time: I support her husband Xu Zhians decision very much. I believe he is ready to work and face the audience again.


Xu Zhian returns to the first station and gets on the program child club. The program broadcast and sang two songs (including one step of life and singing half a day off with ginlee (Li xingni) and AGA). I dont know what he said, but Zheng Xiuwen said again: This is a common and important lesson in our marriage. In addition to the happiness and warmth given by each other, the marriage also contains deeply each others mistakes and mutual forgiveness. Its a cliche that no one has ever been wrong, but its true. After today, just look forward - in this way, can you be happy?

Looking back on the past, it will feel good, because it will become better and worth it - yes, you know