In the current epidemic, why does witch hunting exist everywhere?

 In the current epidemic, why does witch hunting exist everywhere?

At the time of severe epidemic situation in the world, an old term - witch hunting came into the eyes of the masses. Witch hunting is a persecution movement rising from medieval Europe, but up to now, there are still many witch hunting movements all over the world. Witch hunting is not only confined to religion and specific areas, but also a common activity of all human beings in the world. Common in moral panic and political persecution, even in intimate relationships, it also plays a role in the main causes of conflict.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the detailed footprints of the new crown pneumonia infected persons, the name of the hospitals they have been published, and the high standards used to guess whether the patients are honest or not; for instance, people are eager to hear the public trial; the Internet users habits have long been the norm. In these phenomena, we can see that people are eager to find out the people who think they have low morality for public trial, and regard them as witches, eager to hunt and kill them.

In daily life, I can always hear people around me yelling at the contents of news media and newspapers and magazines, thinking that someone who is morally disgraced and naturally embarrassed should do those heinous things. In the face of those events, we cant know the whole picture and the facts, but why do people easily have a huge emotional response before confirming whether the received information is true?


We probably have the same traits that we hate

I used to hate people who cheated on their partners in their relationships and people who had extramarital affairs or split up. I thought it was so hard to control my desire? It must be that people have moral problems and have no self-control ability. Every time I see news that doesnt conform to my morality, I always hate and criticize it. Until my own split, I was shocked that my morality and behavior were not the same.

Of course, at this time, we can use all kinds of self deception reasons to prevaricate our mistakes, but I chose to face up to the contradiction.

Why do I hate the traits I have in others? Because I used to hate, is to avoid facing their own shadow.

They seem to be in the outside world, not in us. However, when we look at others and are shocked by the unimaginable evil they have, we are actually staring at our souls in the mirror, although we push away these characteristics and use criticism of others behaviors to get away from them. Unfortunately, though, theyre part of us.

People hate that they have a negative dark side, just like children dont like the darkness of the night. But if there is no darkness, where can light be divided? Therefore, if we lack the understanding of our own dark side, we can hardly recognize our positive side. Light and shade exist just like mountains and valleys. Without mountains, valleys will not exist. vice versa. Those who refuse to admit their dark side seem to want to uproot the valley. At the same time, they are bound to level the mountain and kill their bright side.


Trying to get rid of the dark side of yourself will only make it bigger

If its possible, its a good idea to get rid of your negative tendencies and dark side by criticizing others. But the problem is, its impossible.

The dark side is a part of us. Even if we close our eyes, they will firmly cling to us and torture us. When we face the darkness of the external world, they will make us scared, depressed and anxious. This power comes from the subconscious that we dont want to face.

When people try to push their own dark side out of their daily consciousness, it will make the dark side more threatening. Only when people are close to their own dark side can they cooperate with it, while suppressing the dark side will only make it stronger.

British comedian Ronald Fraser once said: hatred of evil makes evil stronger, while opposition only makes the object of opposition stronger. This law is as impregnable as the law of mathematics.

Will we get more cooperation or concealment when we crowd out and criticize the new infected?

When we vigorously judge the deception in the private life of artists, will people who have cheated work harder to protect themselves or expose themselves?

When we give birth to and punish people we think are unjust, who choose to protect themselves or cooperate with the investigation?

If we scold the supporters of patriarchy as Shazhu, will those supporters abandon their positions or try to fight back?

The promoters who attempt to vilify feminism by means of rural slaves will choose to be the same or to attack strongly?

First, stop examining the morality of those objects. Try to think about whether we will choose self-protection, counterattack or cooperation when we are faced with fierce exclusion, attack and criticism? But we are always eager to use such violent means to try to make others yield. People try to attack the traits in their shadow and refuse to accept the self-protection ways that the other side will show us.

To be a healthy and mentally sound person, we need to accept the dark side that we have. This is a must to transcend the dark side. Rejecting the dark side is just to nourish the dark side and eventually make us swallowed.

Zhuangzi, a famous Taoist thinker, said:

How can we only focus on the right side and ignore the wrong side, and focus on Governance and ignore chaos? This is because the truth of natural existence and the truth of everything itself are unknown. This is like attaching importance to heaven and despise the earth, attaching importance to Yin and despise Yang. The infeasibility is obvious. However, we should keep talking, not foolishness or deceit!

Therefore, we want to eliminate the fierce emotions when we see witches, not to kill these witches, but to embrace the shadow behind the witches is actually our own. If we can understand that if we are witches, we will also make those behaviors that we criticize as darkness. We will not really practice such behaviors, because we embrace and integrate the darkness with our positive side at the same time, and even no longer have a strong hatred for witches, because we also have what they have.

It takes a lot of courage to face up to the fact that we have the characteristics of disgust and dont blame the world for treating ourselves evil all the time. But it is also these courage that makes witch hunting no longer the only option to deal with social issues. At the same time, it may improve our relationship with people around us, because we have more internal power by knowing our own shadow.

Author: Lee Ping Yi, born in Taichung, Taiwan, graduated from the Department of veterinary medicine of Taiwan University. He became an it man in Shanghai in 2017-19. Now he is trying to become a freelance writer, loving the psychology of future generations and the philosophy of evergreen. He has just finished his journey of wandering exploration in the UK, and is about to leave for North America for the second exploration trip.