I really dont have the ability to balance family and career.

 I really dont have the ability to balance family and career.

The result can only be described by a miserable word, even a 50% clearance sale has been ignored.

I summed up the biggest reason for this failure: I didnt devote 100% of my energy.

A few years ago, I didnt have anything. I focused on my work. At that time, I was in a wolf state, and I could get the posture if I wanted to get anything. Working overtime all night is also the norm. The slogan shouted by the villain ins mind is dont work hard now. Whats the strength of old people to hold up the middle finger to those gossipers.

After 30, the mood really changed. My energy has been divided into several parts, I want to be filial to my parents, I want to manage love, I want to live a serious life, I also have a cat and dog who love me, I am really addicted to this gentle country.

Strange only strange, surrounded by love is too easy to lose morale!

I dont even have much time to chew on this failure.

Last month, I picked up a stray cat and became a mother again and again. When I first came home, it was very different from the other two. I was worried if it preferred the life outside. But now it will be coquettish to me, will jump to bed to accompany me to sleep, just like a cat.

I think: maybe Im just like a stray cat. When I have a home, Im not interested in the old Jianghu.

A kind of

A kind of

A kind of

A kind of

Although my career is not smooth, I still like my current situation. It can be said that I have learned to be myself since I was 30.

Compared with the past tense moment, when chatting with people, I have to repeatedly draft in my heart for fear of being hated, I prefer the relaxed self now.

I think its love that has changed me. As Wang Zengqi said, love is a non professional thing. We must love something. It makes us tough, tolerant and full.

I once spent half a year to lose 25 Jin, in order to wear the topshop25 jeans, but even to drink a cup of milk tea, I have to seriously count calories and work out for an hour to eliminate it, Im really unhappy. Now I can get along with the meat on my stomach peacefully. I will never be influenced by the narrow aesthetic judgment of taking thin as beauty again! I threw that pair of jeans away.

I was also very anxious, as if everyone in the blink of an eye did not see the official account. Everyone was broadcasting live as a blogger. Many of my friends from the media have set up various sidelines and are quite successful, but they seem to have been in a bottleneck period, feeling abandoned by the times.

But Im much more calm now. No matter how anxious I am, I cant change from a behind the scenes writer who is only good at writing to a host who can talk with the camera. No matter how the environment changes, its always right to focus on what youre good at.

In fact, we havent disappeared. We just enrich our life experience and improve ourselves in places you cant see.

We slowed down, hoping to settle down and output something more valuable. We also want to accompany you to go further, to pay attention to the subject of life besides love.

And I believe that as a writer, I will get inspiration while living a good life.

Im glad that when I was in my 20s and single, I worked hard for my career and saved some capital. Let me have a break now, to think about the future, to do what I like.

Although the sense of career has weakened, but in the hobby aspect is very devoted. Im serious about painting, but Im really slow to learn when Im old... I can only comfort myself that every little progress is worth making in the future.

A kind of

A kind of

In fact, I would like to try to create with comics now, because I like the carrier of comics very much. But comics are far more difficult than I think. I dont know how long it will take me to draw a complete work. Lets set up a flag first!

I hope I can be less hardworking in my career, but if I like what I do, I dont want to be too persistent about money. I can earn enough money to spend. I still have a lot of time to love my little dog and cat. Every day I live a serious life, an inspiration comes to me.

PS: Recently, I opened a trumpet to send my practice works. There are comics, novels and boring daily life. There are all kinds of things, because trumpets can be sent without pressure. Please remember to search the second generation of waste firewood and pay attention!

I just hope the times dont leave me behind too soon and give me time to improve.

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