The suicide of two husbands destroys the love myth of marriage with husband

 The suicide of two husbands destroys the love myth of marriage with husband

Disaster strikes suddenly, and happy families suffer a fatal blow

On the national day of 1993, Xu Ying and Wu Tao walked into the palace of marriage hand in hand in the blessing of relatives and friends. A year later, the daughter came to the world, adding endless fun to the small family.

In 1995, due to the fierce competition in the textile industry, the benefits of the cotton mills where Xu Ying and Wu Tao are located are declining day by day, and the couple have been laid off successively. However, they were not knocked down by the difficulties. They soon got up and raised money from their relatives and friends. They set up a leather shoes processing factory near Shuangnan road in Chengdu. In just three years, their leather shoes processing factory has developed from a small workshop into a Dixing Shoes Co., Ltd. with more than 200 workers and more than 5 million assets.

They began to get rich, but life became busier. Xu Ying is in charge of the companys production and management, while Wu Tao is mainly in charge of sales and has been abroad for many years.

On November 26, 1999, Wu Tao was going to Chongqing to discuss a business. As usual, Xu Ying sent her husband to the door reluctantly, helped him tie the scarf and told him to be more careful all the way. That morning, there was a big fog in Chengdu. Wu Tao drove his car carefully on the Chengdu Chongqing Expressway. However, due to the very low visibility, when the car came to a corner, Wu Taos car still collided with a large truck coming in the opposite direction

A week later, Wu Tao finally woke up. When he found out that he had lost his legs, he was so disillusioned that he couldnt accept the fact. He shouted wildly and tore the sheets and quilts on the hospital bed to pieces. The doctor had to sedate the newly stitched wound in order not to crack it. But Wu Tao, who was slowly quiet, refused to accept treatment. Xu Ying said to Wu Tao with tears in her eyes, you dont want to think about yourself, but also about me and our daughter... Looking at his wifes haggard face, Wu Tao couldnt help crying. At that moment, he felt his heart was breaking.

In order to let her husband actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment, Xu Ying had to put on a smiling face in the hospital during the day

Coax a husband like a child. And every night when she comes home and looks at her sleeping daughter, her heart aches to the bone marrow. She doesnt know how to live that long day, and often tears wash her face.

Deep in love, a kind female manager marries her husband

Looking at his wifes exhausted appearance due to her busy and overworked all day, Wu Tao felt a sense of guilt and sadness that he could not help but drag her down. When a man is at home, he often thinks that he is a waste now. Its better to die rather than drag others down. Several times, he tried to cut his wrists to kill himself, but every time he was found in time. For this reason, Xu Ying has knelt down for him more than once, asking him not to do stupid things. Wu Tao cant bear to make his wife sad again, and agrees with her in tears.

However, the world is unpredictable. The next thing happened, which made Wu Tao want to leave his wife again. It was July 12, 2000. Xu Ying went to Shanghai. As soon as she got off the plane, her stomach hurt badly. She thought it was a stomach disease and hurriedly took out the stomach soothing she had with her. But half an hour later, the pain not only did not get relief, but it became more and more severe, and the big sweat beads rolled down from the forehead. She had to stop a taxi and go to the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor said to her, thanks for your timely arrival, if you are half an hour later, the consequences will be unimaginable! It turns out that because she was too tired, she had stomach disease for a long time. She had stomach perforation, so she had to operate immediately. Wu Tao immediately called the hospital to inquire about Xu Yings condition. After confirming that he is Xu Yings husband, the doctor criticized him severely. At last, he murmured, I have done so many operations, but I havent seen you do this!

Put down the phone, Wu Tao sat there, he thought a lot, he loves his wife, his wife also love him, but now, he can not do a husband s responsibility! He was in great pain, so soon after Xu Ying recovered from her illness, Wu Tao asked her for a divorce. This time, Xu Ying lost a lot of temper. Wu Tao saw it and didnt say anything more. He knew Xu Yings personality. He knew that she would not agree anyway. But he did not give up, but secretly carried out his own plan.

On August 25, 2000, Wu Tao secretly went to the matchmaking agency to record for her without telling his wife. Xu Ying soon knew about it. Although she was angry at that time, Wu Tao refused to give up. He even forced her to die. Xu Ying had to agree against her will and began to try to communicate with Zhao Ming, a person Wu Tao introduced to her.

Zhao Ming, a middle school teacher, has been living alone for three years since he divorced his wife. In the process of communication, Xu Ying told him: even if I marry you later, I will not leave Wu Tao alone. I hope we can

Can you agree to live together? Zhao Ming is moved by Xu Yings practice, and cant help but say yes. He thinks Xu Ying is a kind woman, she is a real need to take care of people.

Embarrassment is endless, and the disabled ex husband cant withstand the pressure of spirit

The marriage of Xu Ying and her husband soon became a hot topic in the local area. Many people are concerned about this special family. Reporters came to interview one after another, and a TV station specially invited their family to the live room to make a special film entitled love is life and death together.

Since then, Xu Yings family has returned to the past laughter and laughter. They take care of each other and live a peaceful and warm life. In order to fully support Xu Yings career, Zhao Ming also quit his respected job as a teacher, which moved Xu Ying and Wu Tao. Wu Tao is one year older than Zhao Ming, who always affectionately calls his eldest brother. Due to the inconvenience of Wu Taos movement, sometimes when he wants to go to the toilet and no one is at home, he has to pull on the bed, and Zhao Ming rushes to change the washing for him every time, without any complaints.

However, life is hard to read. With the increase of time, some inevitable embarrassments in real life gradually appear. Two big men live together with a woman, which is always a bit awkward. Although Xu Ying married Zhao Ming, she spent most of her time on Wu Tao besides her career, which made Zhao Ming feel more or less lost and melancholy.

Although Wu Tao didnt move out at last, Xu Ying had an idea about Zhao Ming. She suspected that Zhao Ming was the villain. Otherwise, Wu Tao lived well at home. How could she suddenly propose to move out and live alone? What happened next made Xu Ying more firm in her judgment.

It was the afternoon of September 12, 2001. Zhao Ming came back earlier than Xu Ying. Wu Tao tells Zhao Ming what he wants to move out again. At first, Zhao Ming thinks that he has done something wrong. When he knows that Wu Tao wants to move out just because he is worried about destroying the relationship between him and Xu Ying, he flatly refuses and comforts him not to think too much. But Wu Tao insisted. At last, they had a dispute over it. And all this happened to be seen by the daughter who came home from school.

The young daughter soon told Xu Ying about it, and her face turned ugly. That night, Zhao Ming told Xu Ying the story in detail. Unexpectedly, Xu Ying didnt believe it at all. She pointed at Zhao as usual

Although Wu Tao has explained the reason why he moved out to Xu Ying many times, the paranoid Xu Ying doesnt believe it at all. He doesnt know how to eliminate the misunderstanding between Xu Ying and Zhao Ming. Maybe, he is tired of this noisy life.

On the night of March 19, 2002, after Xu Ying and Zhao Ming were asleep, Wu Tao moved slowly along the bed to the window with his hands, and then jumped down recklessly

Xu Ying was devastated, and Zhao Mings heart was heavy. When he decided to marry Xu Ying, he didnt expect such a situation. He often asked himself, was it a mistake to marry Xu Ying?

The female manager who loves to break love and hurt her husband has a lot of hatred

Since Wu Tao died, Xu Ying never said a word to Zhao Ming again, although Wu Tao told her not to blame Zhao Ming and to live with him well. But in Xu Yings heart, she always thought that Zhao Ming had caused Wu Taos death. If it wasnt for Zhao Ming to break into their life, maybe Wu Tao would not leave her forever now

On May 17, 2002, Xu Ying and Zhao Ming officially separated. Since then, the continuous family civil war began, and every quarrel ended with Zhao Mings confession and apology. Although Zhao Ming felt disgusted and tired about this, he always chose evasive forbearance in order to take account of his reputation and daughters feelings. He hoped to exchange this for the apparent peace of marriage and family. He often comforts himself in his heart: maybe its because Wu Tao has just passed away and shes in a bad mood. Shell be OK after a while. Because he believes that no matter how deep the scar, it will disappear with the passage of time.

However, things are not as Zhao Ming thought. Half a year later, Xu Ying still hasnt changed her attitude towards him. Instead, she is depressed day by day. She often stays in the bar alone and seldom takes care of the companys affairs. Watching Xu Ying torment herself like this, Zhao

Mingxin is in great pain. As a husband, no matter what Xu Ying did to him, he felt that he had a responsibility not to let Xu Ying go on like this, not to let her destroy himself.

On the night of December 3, 2002, when Xu Ying came back drunk again, Zhao Ming stopped her. After Xu Ying woke up a little, they had a long talk. Finally, Zhao Ming urged Xu Ying to say, even if you dont think about yourself, you should think about your daughter...

After that, Xu Ying and Zhao Ming lived a peaceful and happy life. In Zhao Mings heart, how he hoped that such a day would last forever, but after all, he couldnt arrange his fate. Next things happened, which pushed the suffering family to the abyss of pain again.

On December 28, 2002, as it was almost new years day, the company was going to have a holiday. Xu Ying asked the Secretary to inform the department managers to meet in the office in the afternoon, so as to arrange some tasks. At 2 p.m., when Xu Ying came to the door of the office, she heard that there was a lot of noise in it, which had never happened before. So she stopped and stood outside to hear what they were talking about.

What Xu yingwan didnt expect was that it wasnt others who were talking loudly inside, it was herself. One of them has the biggest voice, and Xu Ying can hear it very clearly. The man said to the others without hesitation, do you know why President Xu wants to marry his husband? Because Mr. Wu lost her sexual ability after a car accident, she just wanted to find a little white face for herself under the guise of marrying her husband. Its said that Wu Tao was forced to die by her and Zhao Ming... Other people joined in, laughing wildly from time to time. Listening to these vitriolic words, Xu Ying, standing outside the door, almost fainted with anger, but she still suppressed her anger, gave a dry cough outside, and then walked in to finish the task in a hurry and left.

When she returned home that night, Xu Ying let Zhao Ming out of her anger during the day, regardless of his feelings. This time, Zhao Ming was angry too, and immediately quarreled with Xu Ying. He understands Xu Yings mood. In fact, the rumors outside are not only bad for Xu Ying, but also for Zhao Ming. Many people talk about him behind his back. They say that Zhao Ming and Xu Ying are totally greedy for her family property. Sometimes people look at him in a strange way when they are walking on the road. All these, he didnt tell Xu Ying, but bear it alone, because he didnt want Xu Ying to be hurt again, and didnt want to make her sad. But he didnt expect that Xu Ying didnt understand her!

On January 6, 2003, Zhao Mings mood was so gloomy that he finally filed for divorce with Xu Ying. However, Xu Ying firmly disagreed, because their marriage has been widely concerned by the media and the public. In any case, divorce is beyond Xu Yings ability to face and accept. In her view, even if love no longer exists, marriage must be maintained. No matter what concessions Zhao Ming makes, Xu Ying refuses to divorce in order to keep the whole image of a happy and happy family in the public.

At last, she said cruelly to Zhao Ming with a mocking tone: Zhao Ming, stop pretending! I see through you now. When you married me, you were staring at my property. I wont let you do it! Zhao Ming looks at Xu Ying in surprise and says nothing. His heart is deeply hurt. He doesnt expect that Xu Ying will say such a cruel words. He felt that since he married Xu Ying, he had lived so hard and tired that he didnt even have the heart and strength to defend himself. In the middle of the night, he took a lot of sleeping pills and left the world forever