Every girl born to solo is a master of love

 Every girl born to solo is a master of love

But from birth to now

I havent had a serious love. Ive been solo

Im one of them

Today, I want to make complaints about real name.

How difficult is the life of solo

Its really hard for girls. When they were little, they always heard someone say cant fall in love.

What kind of love does the University have? There will be some good things in the future.

When you grow up, you often hear the sound of urging you to fall in love.

Its not easy to find now, but its even harder to find later.

I dont have a strong sense of career. Its important for girls to find a good family.

People grow up all of a sudden before they have received a good education about love and learned how to deal with their emotions. As a result, many girls (including boys) lack the ability to correctly express and accept good feelings. Even when they meet their favorite development object in adulthood, they will not get along with each other and do anything uncomfortable, let alone develop love.

But on the other hand, falling in love doesnt have to be the same goal for everyone. Not everyone needs to find another piece of jigsaw that fits with themselves. They are very complete.