Zhang Qingfang, 53, has created a little miracle in the singing world

 Zhang Qingfang, 53, has created a little miracle in the singing world

In addition, Zhang Qingfang was the first singer to hold a solo concert in wanwan gymnasium.

In 1994, the leading magazine of KTV in wanwan Bay, the money chest magazine, launched the voting activity of four big divas. Zhang Qingfang was the first, and the other three were Lin Yilian, ye Qianwen and Chen Shuhua.

Later, many of Zhang Qingfangs songs were sung by Gao shengmei, ye Qianwen, Liu Meijun, Lin Zhixuan, Kuang Meiyun, big and small lilies.

Lets say, in the 1980s and 1990s, when it comes to ticket sales, Zhang Qingfang said that she was the second, and no one dared to say that she was the first. Including Zhang Huimei.

However, it is such a Queen of heaven level figure, the love road is not very smooth, it should be that sentence: a beauty is not a disaster, or a bad life.

In 1989, 23-year-old Zhang Qingfang met Cao Junhong, a musical talent, Chen Baiqiangs what is life for? Suris suddenly look back, earthly fate, and Zhang Xinzhes waiting, Caiqins sad station and many other albums, many of which were carefully created by Cao Junhong.

The talent matched the beauty, which was also the most enviable couple in the music world at that time. But after a long run of 10 years, Cao Junhong began to be eccentric because of illness. Nevertheless, Zhang Qingfang accompanied him for a long time.

In 1999, helpless Zhang Qingfang chose to end the 10-year relationship.

After three years of rest, Zhang Qingfang, 33, met song Xueren, the chairman of a well-known Hong Kong Bank, with the introduction of her friend Zhang Xiaoyan. She married in a low-key way in 2004, during which she had two children.

In the eyes of the outside world, this was a couple of gods and fairies. Song Xueren was a high-ranking scholar. In May this year, he sent his wife a 200 million yuan mansion. He thought it was a show of affection, but he didnt think it was the last parting ceremony.

The picture comes from the micro blog of the party concerned

In the eyes of Zhang Qingfangs fans, the news was too sudden. In May, the two mens actions were also considered as dog abuse and 5.20 show of affection.

But the world is like a dog in the clouds. Life is really unpredictable.

However, according to Zhang Qingfangs self-report to the media, there is no third person involved in the relationship, no problem, just a normal separation.

In this way, the fans are not good to say anything more, they can only hold a blessing, but also a little regret mentality, hoping that the two of them can be safe.

In fact, they were very sweet before. Zhang Qingfang held three concerts in 2015 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of her debut. Song Xueren gave her great support. On the day when she usually does not sing, Zhang Qingfang is at home to teach her husband and children and to be a good wife at ease.

However, life is always scattered and marriage is broken, which is not caused by two days a day. There must be some reasons for this.

It seems that in the entertainment circle, another dream of a great family is broken. And song Xueren is also a righteous man. Knowing the end of his feelings, he sent Zhang Qingfang a 200 million mansion.

Break up to see the character, probably this is the best good good good together good scattered!

Gathering and dispersing are like water. From then on, its passers-by. Those songs with healing signs often hide more frustration.