What kind of online jokes can make people laugh about internal injuries? Season 53

 What kind of online jokes can make people laugh about internal injuries? Season 53

The train ran a long way before I said to him, you took the wrong train. Sometimes, for some people without quality, we should teach them this way.

He asked the person next to him with a pale face. As a result, I took the wrong bus.


Ill wait for you downstairs after work?

Im sorry I just moved.

Ill go to your new home?


Im too competitive. Today, my ex boyfriend added my wechat to say that hes going to get married. He asked me what I was doing. I said that I was having a baby.

Failure is the mother of success. Who is the father of success?

Transfer $10 to me and youll make it.


In middle school, the school forbids early love. At a meeting, the headmaster said the dangers of early love, such as its impact on academic performance.

At this time, a school bully stood up and said, I fell in love early, but my scores are in the top ten.


Go to have morning tea, meet friends and have a good chat.

I signaled to my friend that his cell phone was dead. He was very bright. He said, what are you worried about? I have it!

Then he took out a power bank.


Ive lost my job. Ive been feeling hopeless because of all kinds of troubles recently.

Dont lose heart. As the saying goes, gold will shine everywhere. Old fellow, you say, old iron.

What if youre tough? When I tie my shoes, I dont tie a bow.

That year, I played with my daughter-in-law very late for the first time. When I sent her back to the dormitory, I knocked on the door for half a day, but the aunt of the dormitory manager just ignored me.

Who knows the daughter-in-law just finished saying, the old tube opens a window with a bang, protrudes out the head to shout at the daughter-in-law: Hey! Girl, we said that you gave me 50 yuan, even if you didnt open the door, you should scold me if you didnt say it.


A little and a lot sometimes mean the same thing, such as:

The head teacher said that taking up a little time is actually taking up a lot of time; I realized that I was a little poor, but I was already very poor.